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Re: I'd like to build own backyard brick oven too!

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado ( on March 06, 2004 at 16:55:28:

In Reply to: I'd like to build own backyard brick oven too! posted by Derick on March 04, 2004 at 12:00:50:

I like your approach in regards to your wood oven. After all it's purpose will be to cook for you so everyone can enjoy. I get many emails from all over, you must have just starting up a cultural revolution when it comes to wood burning ovens in WA. Not too much so in QLD, here BBQs are still popular :) it will crash here when you guys get used to traditional wood ovens, heh just joking. We should be not very surprised, taste of meals from traditional oven is unique and may not be compared.

Ok, enough gossip. Please use link bellow, something for you. I have a CD for building. You and your bricklayer will understand it well when you look into it's content. Oven has a firebrick dome oven, this is the best option to build wood ovens, will not peal down the track or will not develop major crack as could some expensive domes put together from a few larger prefabricated segments.

I am glad you found my website useful as you mentioned, it needs to be run from it's own server though so it can become a lot larger, it's my top aim and I will appreciate any help.

So, if you need more help the cd is available, with all details you need for building your own wood burning oven. Slideshow it on your PC, it will take you there. Page No. 3 of this oven explains the lot: please use the pagelink bellow.

Thanks for your time and feedback.


PS...Since end of December when I finished building this oven which was also a project for the website, I have been working on a new wood oven design. I am nearly ready to start up with it in the physical sense. It's going to be oven with the 'igloo' shape dome and with a great brick arch in the front. A lot less brick work and a lot less effort to build it when comparing with the swishy oven, although the quality is going to be the same. Dome will be easier to form and the outside walls much simpler to rise. What I am attempting with this design is for people to have an option to build a very good oven with less work and expense. I will do it in 3 sizes, 90cm - 1.5m and 1.8m as size for restaurants. Very same as the Cairns oven that you can see in the gallery page. It will have a short pipe chimney in front and appropriate applied heat insulation. This is a tutorial project with plans and with many explaining pictures as always. Perhaps, a metal frame as a stand for the oven included as an option. Well, I do not have a starting time, it depends where I am going to build it and for whom. I could build it in our backyard and dissemble the whole structure after using a few times. Saying all this maybe I will advertise for this project sponsor(s), it's going to be something special. This must be a wood oven easier and cheaper to build, and of a very high quality with captivatin' looks. It's going to be called "the cardinal oven". What do you think?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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