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Re: Insulation between slab & firebricks

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: Insulation between slab & firebricks posted by Bob Bourne

Pottery suppliers, Darley or other refractory supplies. These things can be dear, better to call for different prices around.
I understand the use of fewer firebricks, why not. Yes you can use cheaper stuff behind the hot face firebricks. Make sure you will stand bricks at 115mm in arches. Heat facing in walls of 75mm firebrick and cheaper clay bricks behind is okay and also in the floor, although smaller fragments (75mm x 230mm) in the structure is much better than tiles 115mm x 230mm because larger surface cracks more easily on cooling down then smaller surface as per heat differences in material.

Let me know what plans do you have for the slab to be insulated; do you need to stop heat soaking into it? Otherwise 2x 75mm will give you good heat absorbing hearth thickness/mass. The second clay brick layer under firebricks floor will not work as insulation, it'll absorb heat. You can place insulation under these two, if you were preventing heat soaking to the concrete slab that is under. r

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