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Re: Ash dump built in the oven

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Ash dump built in the oven posted by Mark D.

Hi Mark,
All will be included on cds and also on how to build in the 'ash dump'. I build all ovens with ash drop/shoot built in, it's practical (you can also use only paddle to remove ash, I do too often but it's making unnecessary mess around on the ground or shoes.) Masterly Tail oven design (MTo) has great more advanced ash drop feature and it also has feature that collects the ash in a box, this box can accumulate ash from ~100 plus, just to make life more practical!!! Then after time it is removed at oven's side put to garden where it belongs to improve soil (charcoals are the way to add to soil and improve it greatly for length of 100 years.

Although not too much ash is produced by this cooking; usually ash is raked out from the oven after 4 firings, it can stay inside for that long in that amount comfortably (e.g. if the oven isn't planed to be fully loaded with breads you can cook with ash aside.) Initial firing produces very little ash inside, can be left there while cooking and as it cools down. Then you fire again with the old ash from the first firing still in, following firing also burns out charcoals remained in from each previous fire thus lowering the ash amount even further. And so on with third and fourth firing ;o) Then it's easily raked towards the front where is the as-drop located. But of course oven can be cleaned after every firing, it's just personal choice. The grease or other mess left in from foods does not need to be cleaned at all (not like the pain from cleaning modern" conventional ovens) all grease burns completely out in the next heating up fire.

**Have look into tutorial page linked below on "how to clean ash from wood fired ovens". r

How to remove ash from inside the oven manual

Re: Ash dump built in the oven

by Rado Hand on Google+

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