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Re: Firebricks

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: Re: Firebricks posted by Rob

I looked up the ling you provided, these are light in weight (soft - are easy to cut with hand hack saw) insulating firebricks and not good for building firing hot face part for wood fired ovens; insulating firebricks will not absorb heat, they have air spaces in the body (like honeycomb effect) and are being used e.g. in kilns. Insulating firebricks are also dearer.

Do not use insulating firebricks for building hot face firing part in cooking ovens! Oven would never get hot or would never store heat, almost none (that's the opposite extreme for quality of these bricks.)

Use only firebricks that are heavy in weight (dense and hard - can be cut with diamond wheel), these are used e.g. in fireplaces and of course in wood fired ovens hot face in hearth cooking floor or walls or vault arches. These heavy-hard-dense firebricks will absorb lots and lots of heat for cooking which is desired. You can buy different sizes or shapes of these heavy firebricks too, larger slabs or small or thin splits (in the CDrom documentation is described, on 2 pages, how to make own wooden template for making arches using different sizes of bricks - both for building bricks or refractory part.) I'll add more on firebricks in too, thanks for question. There is more on this matter in building details pages - linked below.

Oven buildingdetails pages - use text links there for more details on each topic.

I will answer other posts soon, very busy week.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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