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Floor heat, combustion air

From the WFO board

Posted by Jerry (

Thanks again for the inspiration that enabled me to build my oven. I just fired it for the second time and I have a few questions. The fire in my oven does not burn with vigor unless the fuel is in the front near the door, is this a normal condition? Also the flame is a lazy one a little dark compared to an outdoor fire that can breath all it wants. I suspect this is normal because the fire is enclosed and can only get air from the bottom of the entry door. My oven measures 36 X 34 w/16.5 dome and door is 17"W x 10.5" high. It would be reassuring to hear this is normal. On this firing it took over 4hrs. to get the oven white, and I measured 1011 F. Is it possible to have too much fuel in the oven at start up, causing it to burn slower? (I am thinking too many gasses trying to escape)
I had a great time cooking pizza, they all came out very good. I would like to get the hearth a little hotter I think, because the pizza browned and the cheese bubbled to brown in about 90sec but the bottom could have been a little browner in my opinion. After a few pizza does your hearth cool down to the point you need to move the fire back to heat it again? Im sure I will learn it's personality but I'd like to know how you do it.
Thanks a lot,

Floor heat, combustion air

by Rado Hand on Google+

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