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Re: Space needed

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I have added into the cd new extra sequence on how to build smaller/alternate version of this oven design, for people who have less space. About 43 images! Can also be built low set sitting right on the ground and covered with soil and grass or on trailer to take with when relocating, inside the house, etc. Have a look at it, you can start from as small surface as needed for the actual hearth slab: depth 58¾" x width 47" or depth 1490mm x 1190mm and having the same internal oven cooking space (or you can take off half brick from that as well) and read in documentation how to build if needed.
Where you are located, over here we can fire wood fired brick ovens also in total fire ban because it's enclosed fire and used for cooking meals. Also council has no restriction on this size of structures (when I built 6m x 6m shed I had to apply with plans.) There is a limit on how close you can build from a neighbors fence in a neighborhood but I am not sure if it's ½ meter or less or more. Many people build ovens close to pool. r

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Re: Space needed

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