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2 openings

From the WFO board

Posted by Swainer

I am in the process of designing a restaurant, the 4th of same name and similar overall taste. All 3 currently have various wood fired ovens, smaller units, prebuilt off site and installed by us. We cook Pizzas and other dishes in them with great success.

I am interested in designing and having built by a local mason with fireplace experience, a larger oven that will back up to the waiting area/lounge. I really want to design a unit that will have 2 openings, one that faces the cooking area (an open performance line) and the other facing the lounge/waiting area to give folks a view of the fire and the action going on in the oven. Have you ever tried an oven with 2 openings? Perhaps a barrel ceiling-ed design? I could have a local glass blower fashion me a removable glass door to keep the draft from developing an issue.
Any experience?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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