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Re: Arch bricks v/s straights for dome?

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Arch bricks v/s straights for dome? posted by Bob Bourne

The D26 refers to Darley 26% alumina content in the firebrick. D26 are good for wood fired ovens and also 20% to 23% are great.

From time to time I work with arched firebricks, rather rarely, I always use very thin layer of pre-mixed airset refractory mortar between them as arched firebricks are not manufactured as precise as straights are. Apart 75/57 and 75/63 they should also have 75/51 and 75/69 (or 75/72 not used too often) side arched bricks. You can form nice arch with these, i have a good template for 34" (870mm) internal width and 16" (406mm) vault - ceiling height in center, each arch starting on both sides with one first straight brick and followed by arched bricks only.
There is no problem with using straight bricks for the oven. Seconds are okay too, pick them by yourself, if corner is chipped on one side it does not matter that corner will be on outside. r

Re: Arch bricks v/s straights for dome?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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