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Re: Chimney dimensions

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In Reply to: Chimney dimensions posted by Jerry

9" (22.9cm) deep went will work fine, I like to do 10" (25.4cm) it takes all smoke only upwards and also in windy weather, or it ll work perfectly for 100% in indoor ovens too. Safe vent width equals the door width plus at least 1" (25.4mm) extra wider on each side. Less deep or less wide the vent is the more smoke gets throughout oven deco entry giving it carbon black color on outside. These were vent sizes right on the oven exit, as you go upwards the hot air passage can be of course gradually narrowed into chimney lining size, yours will work fine. Front vent outdoor ovens use simple hot air passage system with no draft.
For example in indoor brick ovens with exhaust connected to existing chimney with good draft a smaller sized vent/hood can be made (if there is a front vent, some ovens use system with internal flue inside the oven in floor level), smaller sized vent should be insulated with thin ceramic fiber board glued on that prevents the vent from heating up too much. r

Re: Chimney dimensions

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