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Re: Firebricks composition - light & heavy

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Firebricks composition - light & heavy posted by Bob Bourne

Why some firebricks are light weight and some heavy? The light weight firebricks are used as insulating bricks e.g. in kiln applications where the fired pots etc. are closed in hot atmosphere. Light in weight insulating firebricks won't absorb much heat, desired for efficient kiln/furnace. Light weight firebricks cannot be used for making firing chamber in wood fired cooking oven because the oven walls would never get hot (you can sell them for ~2.50 bucks each, new are @ 3.50 from manufacturer and up to 6 dollars in some places like pottery supplies and often not in stock so one waits for delivery.) For hot face in wood fired oven heavy dense firebricks are REQUIRED, these absorb and store heat from wood fire very well making it efficient cooking system. Does this help?

*** Bob, I have a question! I have noticed your site: , and had a thought to ask you what you think about the new power cable broadband that is being test run in Tasmania. I watched a bit about it on TV then found this article on the web saying "This is not a technical trial -- the technology works. This is the first stage of a commercial roll out". Being supported by big sharks or on the other hand scrutinized and closely monitored by big telephone companies as we know them at present (link below - everybody read the article and drop a line here with you opinions or feedback!!!) I wonder when it'll get used all around the planet? To me it looks very interesting. r

Tasmania powers up 12Mbps fast broadband via power lines

Re: Firebricks composition - light & heavy

by Rado Hand on Google+

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