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Re: Vent

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Vent posted by Atitaya O'Brien

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I build entries using bricks. The vent should be larger, wider and deeper then it won't get too hot to move plus when larger it'll drag all exhaust nicely upwards. It is quite common when you look around at pictures, some ovens get black carbon color above the entry when smoke has no appropriate hood size or a good way to enter the hot air passage and to go 100% upwards only. It does not matter what type of oven, oven will cook well of course but once it has a chimney then it is good if all smoke is directed up only to the hot air passage, then into the chimney size from there. And not into the chef's eyes.

My Masterly Tail oven design - 1000+ photo sequence/chain is already available on building cdrom ( and for download ) - can fit any sort of oven shape, size or type, although I build rectangular shapes it'll fit beautifully round oven as well. Make the hot air vent as wide as the door, or even a bit wider (+ 1" - 2.5cm on each side), and at least 10" 23cm in depth it will work. r

Very tasty and of high quality pizzas made from scratch in your own home cooked by wood fire.

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