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Re: temperature regulation

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Yes uplifting the door to make gap underneath the door of up to 5cm (2") high lets you regulate temperature inside the oven very well. When you start early, the smalled the gap under the higher temperature will raise.

I have four small pieces of wood cut to 2 sizes, 2x 1" - 2.5cm and 2x 2" - 5cm) and for baking or roasting when @ start the temperature still rises I lift the door a bit making this gap under. So primitive and effective. Here is one picture on how it fits to Masterly Tail oven, I will place few more into this posting maybe tomorrow - very hectic on my end this week (as if it wasn't birthday weekend coming at all!) I use only hard wood to make doors, recycled, and before use soak it in bucket of water it gives early steam for nicer breads. r

DIY wooden door for wood fired ovens

Re: temperature regulation

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