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Re: Hearth Bricks on Fireclay

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Hearth Bricks on Fireclay posted by Ray

Hi Ray,
Sieved fine sand & fireclay bed mix for under the hearth firebricks is applied only in very thin layer just to level firebricks nicely into smooth cooking surface. I use this mix as it won't dry fast and is very easy to work with it, best refractory too. You won't need too much of fireclay, half a bucket at most. In my building cdrom(s) look into the folder called "Equivalent Refractory Materials and Sources", in reading pages I write about fireclays, using this mud and also where else to buy it if refractory supplier is not around, or how to obtain your own in nature by having fun and save. Below link takes you to oven building details page with more on this sand/clay bed. r

Oven building details page

Re: Hearth Bricks on Fireclay

by Rado Hand on Google+

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