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Re: Marcel's #01 "Circles and Squares Revisited"

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Marcel's #01 "Circles and Squares Revisited" posted by Marcel

In my opinion there is no essential difference(s) in oven performance "Given the same internal volume, same ratio of door height-width to dome height, same insulation, same materials," when it comes to a rectangular footprint oven versus a circular footprint oven. All types of ovens can be efficient or not efficient. Considering above criteria, all types of such ovens will even up same way for baking/roasting atmosphere inside when the door gets closed. I get lots of email on this, why would professional bakers build rectangular or square ovens needed for decades if they invest time/money to make daily bread dough, it needs even temperature for the whole butch to be nicely done. You can make same quality pizzas in rectangular ovens as well as you can bake same quality breads in round ovens. Also heat up time is no different, unless you compare huge production oven with family size oven. At times people tend to fret at start, you can teach new owners of both oven types getting into firing or cooking terms, self learning does not take long time. I think before building everyone could seek gaining experience from oven operation, it definitely starting to be million years old novelty.
I only build rectangular WOOD-FIRED brick ovens now that will make top pizzas for days if needed, then after fire stopped keep stable temps for roasting later baking for 5-6 hours reloading in successive batches and bake more, then still dry for 10-24 hours. Now how is that for thrifty evening party or for managing budget frugally - cook and eat very well - spend only on raw foods. With other people who built both oven types I know what's involved in each building stage. I wrote more on both designs trying to be neutral, link to the page is in the oven building details page text - linked below. r

-- is going to change appearance a big-time. Jon-admin is preparing something new, I cannot say how long it'll take him now as he also started to build for income along studying at Sydney uni but it'll be a nice color change.

I was always wondering why world-wide brick oven builders don't advertise for jobs here as well; there is a good demand for quiet builders.

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Re: Marcel's #01 "Circles and Squares Revisited"

by Rado Hand on Google+

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