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terracotta = clay flower pot?

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Posted by Jerry (

If I should not use concrete to form the arch abutments can I used broken clay flower pots?
I am finding my skills at masonry are lacking. It seems every time I try to butter a brick the mortar won't stick, and I start to manipulate it with my fingers. I don't ever see masons touching the mortar. Could concrete sand be too corse for refractory mortar? I was sifting some debris out of my sand and found lots of small round stones in it about 2-3mm, and I think this won't let me make a small mortar joint. As I spread the mortar it seems that it dries up and won't spread (the bricks are wet)so I find myself wetting the trowell in an attempt to spread the mortar smooth and thin. Everything I have been explaining to you have been on practice bricks.

terracotta = clay flower pot?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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