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Re: converting wood oven to pizza oven

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: converting wood oven to pizza oven posted by joni coleman

Hi Joni,
Sorry for delayed reply, it was hectic this week traveling to a bit more remote jobs. This is possible to do, it's mainly structural matter-s that need to be considered/look at. I am sure in some cases it could also be much easier as well as there could be less work on the bottom part holding the oven in a hip level because it is there already. It is a bit unclear for me to answer exactly saying what to do; one has to see the structure to determine what's involved and then go ahead, I think you should go ahead as it's worthy to use heated up oven. Please see my other posting for more on the same subject I answered just now, link is below. r

Converting existing brick BBQ to wood fired oven

Re: converting wood oven to pizza oven

by Rado Hand on Google+

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