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Re: Oven door

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Use below link to get to the tutorial page on how I make wooden door used for baking or roasting. I use only hard wood. To make such door you can pick old pieces or offcuts anywhere in house building site, if you have to buy it won't be dear. I close the door only when baking or long time roasting (lower temps.) Soak door in water before use, it gives steam for nicer breads. The door is not needed for pizza or when fire is still on. Door should fit whole entry. After firing I wait till temps inside drop down, then I load food in and place the door in place. If the temperature inside still rises I uplift the door making 1-2" or 2.5-5cm gap under, not on top ( by placing two pieces of wood under), this allows me to regulate temperature inside very well ;o) The door is not permanently attached nor hinges ... it would be in the way most of the time. it's simply being placed in, standing there closing the oven. r

How to make wooden door for brick oven DIY

Re: Oven door

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