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Insulation vs. Mass

From the WFO board

Posted by Jerry (

Hi Rado,
I want to maintain my oven temp. as long as possible. With that in mind would you add extra Mass or Insulation to your oven? If Mass, in the form of brick or cladding? If Insulation, do you think fiberglass will be ok over 4-5" of vermiculite? I would like to do large roasts for long periods of time at low temps like 225 for 6-8 hrs. Do you think this is possible in a wood oven?

Thanks for showing us how you build these ovens, I have seen lots of guys doing these but your's are the cleanist and in my opinion best designed.


PS. My wife thinks I over think and over build things, I think the things I build last and are easier to maintain.

Insulation vs. Mass

by Rado Hand on Google+

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