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Re: fire brick 55mm

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: fire brick 55mm posted by Jerry

Hi Jerry,
55mm firebricks are good to build oven as well, in fact using thinner bricks makes nicer arches, smaller "V" gaps between firebricks therefore usage of refractory mortar amount in arches is much smaller (less mortar the better.) I often use 51mm - 2inch firebricks. No problems there at all, it can be only better because the chamber will have more fragments. I wrote more on this in other posting linked here below.

If you do same thickness of the vault/ceiling and walls as is in my the building cdrom it's perfect for the oven that will give you nice long baking/roasting and pizza making times. After the high pizza temperature drops down you can bake or roast large turkeys or leg of lamb on garlic for 5 hours nicely and slowly - this is from one heat up! And the same with the heat insulation as is works very well, you can just pour it out of bag along sides and on top of the oven in dry loose form.

I added to the "Equivalents folder" in the oven building cd one extra sequence on building smaller/simpler version of this oven, and of course my well working pizza dough and poultry brine recipe that will make your turkey/chicken roasts best you ever had ;o) - this isn't mentioned in the page yet. r

Using more firebrick sizes for oven building

Re: fire brick 55mm

by Rado Hand on Google+

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