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Re: will cladding crush ceramic blanket?

From the WFO board

Posted by caojian

In Reply to: Re: will cladding crush ceramic blanket? posted by Rado

I am the Supervisor manager of HONGYANG GROUP at ShanDong province in China , I want to build up the business relation with your company.Our product quality is the best, the price is the lowest in whole world, which have enjoyed great popularity in world market. If you are interested in our product, please contact me.

Our HONGYANG GROUP is large business enterprise group that produces the fire-proof material and heat preservation material, the building material, porcelain and ceramics health adjunct, fine chemical engineering product, pottery...etc. If you are interested in any of the items,

Please tell us by fax or Email. We will give you our lowest quotations and try our best to comply with your requirment.

Underneath the introduction is once our product:

1.The fire-proof material contain porcelain and ceramic amazonite, Ceramic fiber Blanket, ceramic fiber board and ceramic fiber paper, Millboard porcelain and ceramics fiber coal, ceramic fiber cordage, ceramics fiber cloth, ceramics fiber tape, ceramics fiber cotton, ceramics fiber yarn, glass fiber cloth, glass fiber mesh cloth, glass fiber yarn, glass fiber woolen blanket, glass fiber textile, fireclay bricks, fire bricks, refractory material, ceramics to roll an etc.

2.Construct the wall brick of the ground brick, porcelain and ceramics that the material contains porcelain and ceramics, inside the wall brick, Ceramic Building Blocks, Terra Cotta Floor Tiles, Ceramic Building Bricks, Ceramic Floor Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Other, Ceramic Wall Tiles, Face Bricks, Facing Bricks, Floor Bricks, Floor Tiles.

3. My company produces Ceramic Fiber Charred Oak Logs, coal piece, wall brick etc..The product of my company bears the heat, constant color.

4. Insulator accessories

Please land the following Web address, if you want to understand our product more thoroughly.

Your favourable reply will be highly appreciate.

Yours faithfully,

Cao Jian

by Rado Hand on Google+

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