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Re: Oven questions

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Oven questions posted by Vijay

Hi Vijay,
There is detailed info on why to use aluminum foil in the 'building details' page (link below.) Basically there are only two reasons why the foil is used, both are important. Firebricks absorb water the same way as they love to absorb heat from fire, aluminum foil placed in between firebricks and poured in concrete stops firebricks taking water which would make concrete curing improperly. Concrete sets slowly for the first 24 hours then it continues to dry water out.

If it's a hot sunny day cover new concrete job with plastic, you can also sprinkle it with water for also the outer face is not loosing water too fast. There are postings on concrete curing here in the forum, and more details on concrete cladding layer plus about the heat absorbing mass is downwards this spherical oven vs. rectangular oven details page.

Second reason for this foil is to prevent concrete bonding with firebricks in arch; firebricks in the oven arch should stay free to move when oven expands by heating and then again when the oven cools down. The foil is used in arch only, you can use it behind brick walls as well but it is not really needed in there because wall bricks just sit on flat surface - if you feel to use this foil behind walls as well go for it, it won't hurt. r

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