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not enough heat

From the WFO board

Posted by Richard

Rado; HELP!!
Today I started to insulate my new oven, laying the ceramic fibre blanket from the first oven which about half of was compressed. I applied 2 heavy layers figuring that with putting vermiculate on top of that would be plenty of insulation. It went fine until I got to the vermiculate. I was only able to put it on with my bare hands and only do the dome. I came home to send this message and tomorrow plan to buy some chicken wire and try to do the back and side vertical walls. Actually the vermiculate is only a weather layer but I thought it would help insulate as some of the ceramic fiber was compressed and not as efficient as new blanket, besides putting concrete on would only compress the blanket more.
The vermiculate didn't absorb the water very good and water was dripping from the blanket. It seems to me that even though I manage to get it to stay on the vertical walls it wont make much of a weather layer. Any advise would be welcome even though it means tearing something apart. By the way I used the 13:1:1 recipe and have 2 1/2 inch of cladding on the brick.

I used Perlite to do the back and sidewalls and got it done. But, as I said on the above message, it does not appear to be suitable to be exposed to the weather? If so, what material should I use to cap it off, stucco, concrete, etc.? Also, does the entry way and chimney area have to be insulated just like the vault?
I apologize for all these questions but I am anxious to see if it will work and start "cooking"
Thank you, Richard

not enough heat message of 06/07/05

by Rado Hand on Google+

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