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Not enough heat

From the WFO board

Posted by Richard

Hallo Rado;
My computer skills must be as bad as my brickoven skills. I answered your posting of 5/25 but it never got posted, another mistake by me. I have a cousin who is a Pharmacist and he says Claratin is one of the very best products for you, BUT ,there is a generic substitute just as good but much cheaper. It is called Loratadine, which is the generic form of Claritin. It is a non-sedating ,once a day over the counter medication. It comes in a 30 tablet box of 10 mg tablets and he can get them for me between $4 and $5 a box. He gave me a box for you to try and as We are going to our camp today I will send them to you next week.
I am studying both your CD'S and the Masterly is my choice, but I have some questions;
A)You state "never use refractory mortar to fill gaps"? Does this mean inside and outside the vault? I had planned on using the old firebrick from the teardown and laying them on the aluminum foil for cladding.

B)The firebrick in this area are Different. 3" measure 3" thick but are $2.29 each. I Bought 2 1/2" for $1.03 but they are 2 5/16" thick. Also available here are what they call halves but they measure 1 3/16" and are $.94 each. I had planned to use 2 1/2" x 3= 7 1/2" sidewall and 8 1/2" vault rise = 16 " but now can`t. Any suggestions?

C) Are two 3" pipes enough to use for a chimney? That is what I had before. I think I need A larger vent box leading to those pipes, right?

We have not been staying out at the camp too much as our spring has not been too good yet but as the weather warms I will be out there(25 miles) much more. I dont have a computer there so I will check your website each time I come home. I hope the help I am trying to do for your hayfever will repay you for all you and the site has done for me.
Thank You.

Not enough heat

by Rado Hand on Google+

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