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Re: What's the wire for?

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: What's the wire for? posted by ken

Hi Ken, howdoyoudo?

The wire on the photo o6 or on o3, there is a triangular decorative brickwork-effect space under first bricks in the arch sides. This wire would be needed only if you wanted to fill that space with mortar or stucco. I decided not to and leave it untouched as it appears interesting, see it clearly in photo o2 or better in p1 or p4.

Small chicken wire piece on zb5 - 7, it just goes into the gap between the hearth concrete slab and the outside deco building brick skin walls. (This space is there to avoid cracking as the slab expands; soft insulation absorbs movements in between these two, e.g. zb7 or ze6 or others.) Picture zb6 shows the wire placed in the gap, wire is there only to stop the wet insulation falling down when it is being put there. You can stop it falling down also by holding a temporary piece of wood under etc. You may decide not to fill this gap which would be just fine, but doing it for precision takes only 30 minutes.

Both of these cases can be left out or done in later time while using the oven. When you have the cooking chamber done and when it is dry, ahead of all decorative work cooking can begin! While using the oven, all decorative building bricks walls or stonewalls parts can grow.

Re: What's the wire for?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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