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Re: mud oven

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Posted by Kath and Rob

In Reply to: mud oven posted by Kath and rob

Picture of wood fired clay mud oven Photo

More on the mud oven - we are now making some bread to bake in it, last weeks bread turned out well, though we need to experiment with time and temperature a bit.

We are making a traditional starter to make sour dough - more on that next time. We made a traditional mud or adobe or cob oven using Kiko Denzers book, and also bought Rado's CD of pics for inspiration.

But we really wanted a weekend result - see pics of us making the oven and cooking in the oven. And we also have an extensive link list to other traditional wood fired ovens - mainly mud ovens, with technical notes about how we made it.

Technical notes.
Mud oven project part 2.
Pizza oven project part 1 base.
Earth mud-cob adobe horno-oven.

more on mud oven and technical notes and cooking

by Rado Hand on Google+

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