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Built by Sonny, in:
Oven Images gallery

New: fresh

It was worthy every penny or minute

If we could build the oven on our own, anyone can do the same! Not only it was worthy, we actually enjoyed the building progress enormously. It was fun!

Making pizza and bread in our oven.

Oven's name: "Hoskitio"

We make own bread in our oven. Great pizza is done in our oven too. Photo of us from inside the dome. Picture of the dome.

Photo by: Sonny and Diana
Location: USA

Title: Building of our pizza oven was a real treat!

Description: Just wanted to tell you that we, and all our friends and family, are LOVING our pizza oven.

We have had many pizza making parties and they are FABULOUS! Everyone says we should open a restaurant! Making bread out of the leftover dough is always a bonus!

Thanks for your wonderful detailed Cdrom that taught us to do this.

By the way, we have never laid a brick before! Sonny is a pharmacist & Diana is a stay at home Mum. If we can do it anyone can!

by Rado Hand

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