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Duck grease and jelly – culinary gold from roasting

Collecting a fat volume and using delicious duck fat, grease or gelatin, from ducks meat and other poultry while roasting. The true culinary gold from duck. The fat from duck has an interesting culinary and also nutritional values, just think about the nowadays modern Gaps diet. The same might suggest nutritionists’ information. Human body needs quality fats in deed, for proper cells functions across the whole body not just brain functions.

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Pecan pie to satisfy

Pecan pie recipe including how to make a quality pecan pie pastry and the pie fillings from A to Z, with pictures of baked pecan pie product perfectly re-created many times.

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Steaming veggies while cooking vegetables!

When I boil pasta, at the same time I steam vegetables. This saves me time, energy consumption and also washing dishes which are being used for one time meal preparation. Just a clever time saver!

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The way of preparing Salmon

The way of preparing a very nice Salmon meal at home. Prepare healthy salmon and with these directions cook it quickly and healthily.

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Hello World! 4

Welcome to TO articles, it’s like a simple blog. This is first post in “Food” category. You can post a comment below,

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