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  1. I have a recipe that calls for 2 l/2 lbs. of all-purpose flour. How many cups is that?

    Added by Rado:
    Pomona, here is the multi flour volume vs weight converter it should help to do just that conversion. 2-1/2 pounds of all purpose flour equals to 9.1 cup US measure of all purpose flour.

    By pomona petersen — Permalink

  2. How much are 100+ year old reclaimed solid red clay bricks worth per brick?

    By Syndi Boyd — Permalink

  3. We build custom and traditional pizza ovens right here in fort myers.

    By Gordon ForsythPermalink

  4. I am giving my feline DE worming medication. I only have a syringe tube that measures volumes in milligrams.
    How many milligrams are in a quarter teaspoon?

    By viki — Permalink

  5. Hello Viki,
    When it comes to fluid, e.g. water volume to mass, one teaspoon of water equals 4.92892 grams (~5g) in the weight sense which makes precisely 4,928.92 milligrams (~ 5,000 mg rounded).

    1/4 tsp – lets divide it by four.

    4928.92 / 4 = 1232.23 mg in quarter tsp
    ~5000.00 / 4 = 1250 milligrams in one quarter of teaspoon

    By Rado — Permalink

  6. I was trying to find a site to help me with converting / measuring when I cooked and this site and its web tools are awesome. I also found other interesting information as well.

    By Ms Lisza — Permalink

  7. PLEEEASE tell me the recipe conversion for 69 grams of Gruyere cheese.
    Thanks So Very Much!!!

    By Charlotte — Permalink

  8. Please convert 6 oz of flour to grams, then 4 oz of brown sugar to grams and 2 oz of butter to grams.

    By Roset — Permalink

  9. Nice information about refractory mortars and ceramic industry.

    By Mahmood Ahmad — Permalink

  10. I just wanted to say how much I love this website! It is truly a life saver and I’d really want to thank you for it.

    By Milagros — Permalink

  11. How do you convert Zeolite? Grams to liters?

    By Safyan — Permalink

  12. Can you convert 4 cups of raw baby spinach into grams. Thank you.

    By Conrad — Permalink

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