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Author Rado Hand

Rado Hand

Working mostly outdoors and on remote jobs, I constantly sought balance in life in a form of being able to be creatively active also when I am indoors at home. It was supposed to be something new and exciting to fit into my spare time and to accompany interests that I’ve already had a drive for. Web appeared to be the lovely match for me at that time. I could write my words and publish articles on static pages and share them with the whole world, those were the main points I thought of.

After using free domain name with service for nearly 2 years, in May 24th 2003, I decided to register domain (TO) plus to finally buy a properly working hosting service. Building the site and interactions were a good fun right from the beginning and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Thousands of visitors come to TO to see what’s new every day, what’s on the dinner plate and what new I’ve seen or learned about. Five years later, on the 24th of May 2008, I’ve been encouraged to start a personal blog and, perhaps together with other writers, to tell our stories or just write down, photo document, and publish on dynamic blog pages what we are up to lately. It’s fun to send your items out there…
(mind you English is my second language and even though I could speak and read I had not much writing experience at all behind me in 2001 – luckily people around were nice – and instead of telling me that I make them to suffer heaps, I was reminded a few times the saying “repetition makes it perfect” – so therefore I still continue practicing to repeat like mad)

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