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Steaming veggies while cooking vegetables!

Steaming vegetables in a smart and practical way. At home I am used to steaming vegetables by using another veggies being cooked. As you can imagine this method is very practical, doing both at the same time saves time and energy.

In this example; first potatoes and sweet potatoes cut into pieces with 1/4 teaspoon of whole caraway seeds are put to cook on the stove. While the water is getting hot green beans are cleaned and placed into steamer.

Once the water in the pot starts to boil and produce steam, the lid from the pot is removed and the steamer section is placed on top. Two steaming parts, each for different vegetables, can go on and be removed separately so no veggie gets over cooked (at least if you don’t forget about them like I do.)

After a short while when the steamed veggies get done, like 2-3 minutes, the steamer part is removed and the potatoes continue cooking as per normal. Before they are done a salmon can be fully cooked.

The water from straining is saved to be used in the garden for watering herbs.

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