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The way of preparing Salmon

Recipe salmon with healthy dill herb and veggies. But first, where do we get hold of salmon and other fish we cook in our kitchen? Every second weekend we leave home early in the morning to buy fresh produce from farmers’ market here in Rockley. After having a cappa there we shop for: veggies, fruit, fish, eggs, meats, honey, dip for night time movies or chess or rummy game, cut flowers, flour, nuts, spices, herbs sometimes, soap, you name it. And every other Saturday morning we go to get supply of groceries. We do our shopping fast now and buy all the stuff quite economically.

Usual size of the cleaned salmon fillet piece we buy is large enough to cut into 4 portions whose can be frozen (if you can’t eat your salmon in the same day.) The picture shows 1/4 of the ‘one side filet’. It is very simple TNT recipe, requires little work and the salmon is prepared real fast. (TNT – tried n’ tested.)

Nutritional information of salmon, complete breakdown of Atlantic Salmon nutrients.

Here goes our recipe for cooking salmon:

  1. Pour a little of olive oil onto a plate.
  2. Chop dill finely (fresh herb) and throw it onto the plate.
  3. Flip your salmon pieces over in the oil and dill a 2 – 3 times.
  4. Prepared – nothing else to it!

Now the cooking:

Salmon cooking and recipe Drizzle a little bit of olive oil in frying pan and heat it up on the stove top in mid to high heat. At hot but not at max temperature, put your salmon fillet pieces in the pan. Put fish on the heat always starting with the skin size down. Fry the salmon for 2 to 3 minutes (time depends on the filet thickness, you can watch it, when the white color from the heat progresses one quarter of the whole thickness into red) flip the salmon onto its second side. Fry it another 2 minutes and that’s it, done! Don’t turn fillets second time, turn only once and also don’t cook for too long or the salmon will be dry.

Place the salmon pieces onto plates, add cooked and steamed vegetables next, plus a bit of lemon and you can eat while the meal is still hot. Let me know by sending comment below about how you went, or how you prefer cooking your salmon. Thanks!

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  1. I love this recipe, as I love Salmon but always find that it is hard to make, I seem to alway over cook it.

    By KimdaCook

  2. This one looks good, I did not try it as I don’t have salmon now. I think any fish with some lemon is very nice.

    Here’s my quick recipe:
    Salmon – 1 filet,
    Olive oil for frying,
    Tumeric – 3/4 tsp,
    Ground Red Chili Pepper – 3/4 tsp,
    Tabasco Sauce – 1/2 tsp,
    Sea Salt – 1/2 tsp,
    Cumin Powder – 1/2 tsp.

    Let the salmon sit in a mixture of this, and then fry it in olive oil as you specify above. I cook it a bit longer than what you specified.

    By deevan

  3. Thank you for sharing this very interesting way of preparing salmon. I am on an anti-inflammatory recipe search and these two recipes are a gold mine also. Turmeric as one part, salmon with loads of Omega 3 as oil essentials. And olive oil, whilst I have noticed you use olive oil instead of extra virgin olive oil. I think that for the taste it really doesn’t matter which one oil you use.

    By childrens dentist oxnard

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