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Collection of company pens

Pen collection, company pens.I opened our pen draw last night intending to pick one for keeping next to the phone. I have realized how many pens there were, a whole pen collection! It was almost hard to pick the pen I wanted. This is what you can easily end up with if you work for an industry whose sales representatives give their company pens away. Pens of gold. Isn’t that great, writing equipment is always useful to have close by because very often I can not find any. Or is it only me?

Hypothetically, how much could one of these pens cost if sold in a local news agency? About 3 bucks per pen in average? Probably. I am going to keep only 5 of them and will take the rest of the collection to school to give to teachers. Before the pens dry out and become useless I reckon.

An idea just crossed my mind. Company pens are certainly very practical gifts or compliments. Although one can easily end up with this sort of pen collection and the chance is they become unused. Most of these pens seen on the photo come from health and pharma or construction businesses. Shouldn’t they, the sales rep’s, give away also better Quality toothbrushes, 50:50 with pens? That would really work even better, I had a private thought this morning in my bathroom.

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  1. Since that day when I posted this articles we added to our particular pen collection 5 new pens. Just a short update for those who are interested.

    By pizza ovenPermalink

  2. I want your pens!

    By Peter Pencollector — Permalink

  3. I work at a bank that presently does not supply us with company pens, so we have to but our own. Plus I’m a pen freak. LOL
    So what type of companies give out pens?

    By Susan C. — Permalink

  4. Love the collection of pens here, if you have any dead ones please send them my way:) Some might end up on the Mercedes pens Art Car.

    By The Pen Guy — Permalink

  5. Mr. Director-General
    Have a great day; my hobby is collecting pens from all over the world please send me samples, pens, to my postal address.
    Thanks for All Staff

    By ATIF M ALI — Permalink

  6. I am having a hobby of pen collection. So if you have some unique pens to give please provide me to Indonesia. Thank you very much.

    By Santhosh — Permalink

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