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Few inspirational ideas

For the dome hearth floor you may build the concrete slab low set right on the ground and the firebrick dome on top of this slab (leave the concrete slab the same).

Then put together the dome and the front decorative house-brick arch keeping the necessary 'gap space' in between - which is shown in the plans and on photographs in my building plans, delivered via download or posted on CD ROM (this, even-though it is a small gap space, must be in place as to avoid possible cracks in the outside deco created by the strong heat expansion of the dense cooking part as it heats up.)

And the chimney in the front could be:

1 * Left the way as it is in plans.

2 * Designed with the dome and the entry decorative arched brick work still as it is in traditional oven plans. Then just above the dome height level, direct the chimney from the front towards the back, where it will connect to the main vertical chimney at rear. You could use stones for this type of chimney, making a great character effect with natural field stones etc. This design requires a very simple roof. I suggest using only a rusty corrugated iron or recycled terracotta roof tiles - both cheap to get e.g. in demolition yards. Some new material can be done up to look like an old stuff.

3 * The arched brick work and the front exhaust flue gets still kept as the original design, but again directed backwards and rising chimney upwards this time from the middle center of the oven cooking part. No roof or not even a brick laying is required here (look at 10th picture bellow), only a plaster finish painted with the lime dissolved in water in a thicker consistency, this mix can be repainted easily in time over and over.

4 * Just a dome and the front brick arch built with no chimney at all, this way the fumes go straight out from the fired dome. Even in this design, to prevent the heat expanding dome pushing onto the outside skin bricks it's important to make the gap space between the dome and the decorative front brick arch opening.

A message from me: In every page of this website I try to write as less as possible because reading takes your time, at the same time I want to mention many important facts because they are crucial. Fact is English is not my natural tongue, at times I found it hard to come up with phrases and I describe subject with too many words. Sorry for that, if editing is your hobby you are invited to give me a hand.

Anyone out there I hope you picked up all details from me to build your great wood burning oven or a few ovens.

Thank you.

by Rado Hand

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