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Cabbage Soup

Directions on how to make traditional cabbage soup with meat sausage or smoked meat, sauerkraut (finely sliced cabbage which was then fermented), potatoes, dried mushrooms and sour cream with spices. Here this cabbage soup can easily be made in various other volumes e.g. 2, 4, 6 gallons or 8, 16, 24 liters large cooking pots.

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Worm farm makes my home more eco friendly

I have been feeding this worm farm for oven 8 years now. During this time it was emptied 3 or 4 times only. The worms are very efficient, they eat a lot, everything they get they consume. Saying all this, the farm is full of vegetable and fruit off cuts, and basically never not fed to the fullest level.

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I have Australian native Wollemi Pine

It is not the easiest growing plant. Wollemi pines require really a full attention. If you see a problem on it, it is better to seek an advice in the shop of purchase and promptly so. Nevertheless Wollemi is a real delight as to look at, at home.

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