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At long last a roof!

Metal roof on stone structure. Art work.
Image: Tim’s oven with roof on

Well, it took a few years of coffee roasting plus fabulously enjoyable cooking seasons with the oven, and then my wife an Artist/blacksmith built the roof ribs and the front supports in between her other jobs.

I had to drill into the stone wall and tap 60 holes to attach the steel roof.

Still to come ..
I’m waiting for a good hard freeze to bring down a 700 lb field-stone slab that is going on the left hand side for a work surface .. fun fun!

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  1. Nice looking roof also proportionally. Was the oven scaled down to a smaller foot print or are the base measurements of the original surface area? Judging from your approach for the large 700 pounds heavy field stone slab and freezing weather and the snow to slide it down, you’re the one with the bairns here. 700 lbs = 317.5 kilograms! I’m waiting to see this extra addition. The roasted coffee of yours must have a great aroma after it cools down and mainly then when brewed as hot beverage.

    By Tessa

  2. I tweaked my back this fall and my wife forbade me to move the slab and now we have 1/2 a metre of snow .. looks like a job for the spring now! I’ve been on the road for 2 weeks and we are out of coffee ! fire up the oven!

    By tim

  3. Hello!
    Awesome site! Just wanted to ask if you would share how to make this oven with using stones on walls on the outside or the Australian pizza oven (the one in the video in home page where a birthday celebration was going on “Masterly Ferrari oven”). That is the one my mother-in-law wants us to build this summer. We are wondering what the dimensions are and how to go about making it. Thank you so much for your time!

    By Katie

  4. Katie  
     That stone oven was only my second masonry project .. so you can do it! But you will discover like I did that you need way more stones and time than you think .
     We are fortunate [?] to have a lot of rocks on our property and I can mine the old stone walls in the pasture across the road .. Start collecting rocks now  . lots of rocks . You will need a good steel reinforced slab to build on, this thing will be heavy.  Mine took from Canada day [July1st ] to Canadian Thanksgiving [1st weekend in Oct] to do , sans roof.  I worked every day about 2-3 hours and all day on weekends .. worked out to an average 1 inch up per day!
    Mine is  a 36 inch dome , the masterly one is a barrel vault [easier to build – less brick cutting] this is a good size for a family ..if you want to entertain lots  or go semi-commercial I would go to a 42inch , more space , but more bricks and more stones as well.
     I have hundreds of photos of the whole building thing , but I can’t upload them .
     Go build an oven will change your life!

    By tim

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