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Notes about projects, words and thoughts, people have and enjoy.

I am a JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES by choice and tradition, descended from long line of same, mechanically inclined, and trained in Nuclear Power and steam plants courtesy of U.S. Navy. Love the general and and basic info you provide on the site, looking forward to more and expanded. Great pics there too. Full size will be even better! Know You must be busy. Anyway, Let me know when you send. Fred

I love making pizza, and reg-ovens just don’t cut it well for me! Cooking is what makes me happy when I am down. Baking something, it just keeps my heart warm and fuzzy!! Brown Jay

What drives be to build my own brick oven is being eco-friendly and helping me save money from buying cooking gas to the environment and having wonderful brick oven dinner. Zulema

Love cooking outside. A simple oven will be great. Jeff

We just finished putting in an in-ground pool in our back yard. Now its time to build my outdoor fireplace and kitchen. Ron

Self sufficiency. Jimbo

Message: Thanks for doing all this work. We are excited to start this project. We live in a cold part of the US and wondered about the footings for cold areas. Do we need to be below the frost line? Rodney

To make the perfect pizza and breads. I like to cook! Tony

To build something unique. Garry

HUNGER!! and i want the taste of my child hood one more time. Robert

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. John

My son had a pizza party at a private home and the quality was superior. Wynand

I stopped eating out. its too expensive. why eat other peoples recipes when u can create your own. Mod

I love bread and pizza. Special K

We will be building this at our hunt camp group project looking forward to getting started and making some spotted dog in it as well. I will certainly keep you updated with our building process and progress. We have 6 members of our hunt camp and I have not seen this much interest in any other project we’ve been through. Can’t wait to do some wild turkeys or venison roasts. As well as some nice crusty bread baking. Anxious to get started on this project. From Canada, John.

Traditional method is the best and my country where we don’t have constant power supply i think it will be of greatest help. Mohammand

The thrill of the finished product. Dream it

In Northern Vt., winter is long and cold, but the perfect time to plan my oven project for next summer; then it’s year round baking. David

To see if it’s worth building them to sell. Mark

We enjoy cooking and eating pizza. We built a “mud” pizza oven 5 years ago. We have had the backyard redone and now we are ready to build a new oven. Tracy

Dome house project for whole size pizza make in oven, local Thailand wood as fuel and outdoor place install. Made of clay that is able to produce such Terra Cotta / construction brick. Banyat

Can’t find good brick oven for bread so I must build my own. Joe

The satisfaction of doing something well. Ken

Sounds very helpful i am intrigued and waiting with anticipation to see the building plans. Could you tell me if it is possible to use the stored heat for other uses such as water heating? Tony from New Zealand

Have any of your clients put a hot water jacket into the oven design so that the fire heats water as well? I’d like to have a hot tub or spa near the oven. Make a pleasant compliment to a pizza evening don’t you think? Julie

Hey mate .. you seem like the guru for ovens! ;). Looking forward to checking it out as I’d love to build my own and forget the kits! Shaun

We are very excited about building our outdoor oven and can’t wait to get started. Thank you for your informative website – we will send you photos of our completed oven! Thank you!! Jan from Canada

Why doesn’t the wood door burn up from the heat? I enjoy cooking and baking. I’d just love to have guests over and even allow my neighbors to use the oven. Do I need to shield it from weather? I currently have a concrete pad in back yard which I’d like to use, but it sits out in open. How do I get your plans? Larry

Want to build it for my wife to cook pizza etc. outside. Richard

Love your site, would like to be on your mailing list or what every you might send out on a regular basis. Thank-you! Interested in nutrition and also outside burning/fire/cookery. Evelyn

Emergency outdoor cooking. Nick

I have a client who is renovating the farmhouse which his grandmother owned. He loves the idea of traditional oven in the family room fireplace. Unfortunately, neither of us know much about their design. Thanks in advance for any help. Jimmy

I think its an awesome way to cook and the flavors are so good from wood and it also makes you have that self way of what you can achieve… supa Dave.

My wife and I would like something different in our back yard. We think a brick wood-fired oven is just the thing. Can’t wait to get started. Steve

I designed an oven which can be made by a bricklayer in 7 hours. Now, he can’t do that building one, but he can if he is allowed to build three at a time. They work well too. See the Blog on the site. Yes, the oven has a steel plate for a ceiling. Gary

Living in South Africa we have good weather and spend a lot of time outside and what better to do your cooking and roasting out doors. Don

I have wanted one for 30 years and never knew how to make them.. it didn’t seem like clay would do it over the long haul and concrete was not inspiring.. can’t afford to buy one THANK you for this website! Pam

Building right now and saw your website and wondered just how important is the dome to door heights relation. Bajaron

I have the space, I have easy access to wood, and I love to cook. Xavier

I am looking at combining both barrel and dome into my design by making a football shaped oven. Has anybody tried this before? Mat

Brewer is the name and survival is the game. Parkton

I am interested in building a brick oven. I make sourdough bread and pancakes. I have been told I should open a bakery. Ed

Love cooking in them. Had one in our place for vacation. Cannot afford to buy one therefore building a superb one by myself. Farmer

I am a big fan of your site! Just now have the time to start pouring a slab and getting to work. Jason

Excited x-chef who now builds timber things wanting to build my first oven, in the Northern New South Wales. Bruce

I can’t wait to get your CD ROM and start building! I’m working as a stonemason and farmer and I’m looking for new ways to use the skills that I am currently learning and to mesh them with my cooking and nutrition training. Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Cheers, Katherine

Please would you let me know when your 3rd building design is completed and the link to where I can get it. I am planning to build my oven in the next couple of months in South Africa. Greg

Looking forward to building our own oven! Daphne and Rick

I want to incorporate one with an outdoor fireplace. Nick

Hi Rado, had the first test burn and cooked scones and it all worked very well. I found it a very interesting project sourcing the materials and building it. Regards Richard

I am very curious to know why every example of a brick oven has the chimney located at the front of the firebox over the entry? Paul

Have stumbled across your wonderful and helpful website, and just made a donation, just to let you know that I am a woman who will be building this oven, so I hope that it is possible. That being said I am not a typical woman as I am proud to say that I have recently built a 64 sq mt deck and Tuscan water feature, and with all the lighting. So if I can achieve this I hop I can master the oven. Regards Sandra

Rado, thanks for the prompt reply! I was very pleased to find your site – your general enthusiasm is very stimulating!! I will do my best to send you some images from the structure project. Cheers! A

I was thinking of using a slab of granite as the oven floor which currently is 140cm x 80cm x 4cm thick. Will this work instead of fire brick for the heated floor? Gav

My family love Bar-B-Q & Pizza. What concrete can we use that is good for heat resistance, also for cladding? Dal

I look forward to receiving the structural plans so I can get started on building one of your nice wood fire ovens. I will be sure to send a few pictures upon completion. Thanks in advance. Alex

Barbecue outside catering. Comments: would like to incorporate a pizza oven (mobile if possible) into my barbecue party, so i have a good DIY knowledge I would like the challenge. This site is of great help thanks. John

Inspired by your site, currently building a smokehouse + hearth, thinking about incorporating some features of your oven into it. Pete

Very keen to try and build a pizza oven this dry season, it’d be great if you could send me a CD with swishy and MTO pizza oven designs and “The Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs” as I’m not sure what will be available up here in Far North Queensland. Ta, Mark

My favorite is wood fired pizza. I love to bake my own breads. Dana

Looking forward to building in the spring! Stan

Really looking forward to reviewing your oven materials. Aaron

Been dying to try to build one of these. Great site Rado! I think I have enough to cover shipping and plans for Swishy and MTo. Dan

Thanks I am looking forward to the CD, a lot of work, then all kinds of tasty slow cooked food – I love baking bread – outdoors in a wood fired oven will really be a treat! Fred

I am also interested in the Masterly Tail oven design CD and the Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs, and the trade secret heat insulation suggestions used by old masters wood brick oven crafters. Bruce

Can’t wait much longer and maybe I am too late though – I want to finish ahead of the weather it will be snowing here in a few weeks. I’m at the 45 degree parallel 1/2 the way to North Pole – usually snow by November. Note: I’ve got all the concrete blocks I need from reclaiming what people have thrown out. Right now only cost will be mortar and fire bricks. So I’m seeing how inexpensive I can make it. Mike

We have a place out in Spain so I want to eat home baked bread and pizzas in a brick oven in there too. Parky

I am looking to achieve the quality of breads I found when in Europe and the Balkans. Walrus

I have a oven which was completed a few weeks ago. Can i use it right away? i was told to make a small fire at first before i start cooking in it then next time i was able to start cooking with it. Is this the right way.. please help. John

I thought your web site was excellent. Hope this donation aids it’s development. I’m aiming to build the MTo design structure. Gavan

Bread and pork bake. Johan

Rado, please send me the MTO plans on CD, thx, Jay

Want to build it in my vacation home. None available commercially in Sri Lanka. Jenn

My wife & I would really love to have a wood burning oven outside. However I will have to build it and my skills in the building area are beginner at best. Was planning on making an “outdoor BBQ area” along with the oven I was also going to place my smoker on the same slab and encase that in brick at the moment my smoker measures 60″ L x 37″ W x 86″ H which is mainly used about once or twice a year for whole hog. Neroon

I’ve been looking all over the ‘net for sites regarding wood fired ovens, came across yours, I believe the most comprehensive in designs and details, keep up the good work! David from New South Wales

Brings back memories. Actually looking for reclaimed bricks for an outdoor pizza oven. Firebricks may also work for some of the installation. Andy

Hey Rado! Thank you for your site and information. I’m a chef here in the great northwest of US, Oregon, looking to cook food the way I truly enjoy… open fire. Best, Ken

A friend has one of these wood pizza ovens and I have been interested in one for years. I love to cook and to smoke meat — building an oven just seems the next logical step. Also, I am moving to a property that will allow the space to build one. Wendy

I’m a retired chef and I’m building an entertainment area in the backyard as I still love to cook for friends. Chef

I like to work on things with my hands and be creative. Also I like to cook outdoors. Tim

My three granddaughters they will love pizza soon and this way i know what they are eating (at pappa house) insulate with a backup insulation before concrete slab? A cheaper refractory insulating castable for the backup linings on the bottom of the heated floor? Attilio

Help TO make backyard an entertainment fun center for friends and family. Make fun food. See if I can build it. I just sent for the building disks, can you send shopping list, material list for oven via email? Also I want to do a broken tile mosaic on outside any precautions suggested? Thanks, Chris.

Thank you for your website, look forward to the pictures, I am a first time builder. Cosmas

Please Please Please include “The Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs” mentioned on your site, as well as anything else I can Get my hands on! This project looks amazing! I plan to start building one immediately. Best of success to you! Joni

Thanks Rado, I was thinking about a combo pizza oven/smoker. Use the space under oven as a fire box for a smoker to right. Right side has metal top, grills under, counter weight to lift, and 2nd smokestack far right. Thanks again and cheers, GV.

I was wondering if you can send me info on installing and selecting wood burning ovens for commercial kitchens? It is for a school project and I am getting nowhere. Can you please help me? Re-Re

Thanks for putting this together Rado. I’ve been thinking about building an over for a long time but didn’t know where to start. Chris

I can use old building bricks? I was under the impression that I was going to need special ‘heat’ brick. Thanks for the info. That’ll save me a ton of cash. The only thing I really need is how to make the chimney. I have a basic design plan. I just need to know how to incorporate the chimney so as not to get too much draft and also, what did you use for the cooking surface. I have access to limestone or tyndall stone. Approx 3 foot by 4 foot. I can cut it to size but I am not sure if it is an appropriate material for a cooking surface. Great site, by the way. Brian

Love cooking, love food, especially good home cooked organic chemically free food which is getting hard to find out in the real world. Have just put some money in an envelope for your pizza oven plans they are very impressive, can’t wait to start building one. Muzza

Can you send me comprehensive plans for this oven? GB

I’m specifically looking for the new design that only requires 2 cut bricks. Thank you so much. I bought your original CD and I’m pleased to be able to do business with you again. Jeffrey

Great, something I have always wanted to do, even though this is a bit more complicated than the average job around my place as I’m always on the go. Skippy

I would like to have a beehive oven built for my father’s country home. I would also like to be able to speak with someone regrading the purchase of plans for the oven. Leisa

Rado: Can you also include Masterly Tail Oven CD? Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Nelson

Love your site. Just got back from Italy and want to build a wood fire pizza oven this winter. Please add in all information and an alternate materials info. Look forward to begin with my project. And would love to send pics of finished oven. Thank, Rick.

A school project. Josh

Please include the info for both ovens, I am very interested in making one or both this coming summer. Thanks, mate, and best of luck. Great website! Dan

I own a bakery. Baker Trevor

Going to build the oven to use on my camp site, might even look at putting wheels on it and a metal skin to keep it all together. Have to move it very slowly. Gabriel
If I build my oven right from the start, I know how it works and later can more easily manage its working. P

Thanks again!  Looking forward to studying the build process! Charlie

Your site is great. I am about half-way complete with my oven and will welcome your additional details. Cheers, Jim.

We leave in the bounder everything around is built by me. So it is natural that I build my own pizza bread wood fired oven. Les

Your site is a fantastic resource! Please send me a CD-Rom w/ all of the alternate material details, and building trade secrets: Justin from Canada

I am a Bricklayer in England and would be interested in learning how to build a wood burning oven. Trevor

Thank you for the conversion site. Do you have a conversion from fresh yeast to active dry yeast? I am trying to find out how much active will replace 1 1/8 oz. Carlo
I enjoy my hands on home improving jobs and such projects. Ron

Thank you and please include The equivalent materials and sources with photographs. Have you ever built a pantheon style oven? Looking forward to receiving the information and yes, I’ll take pictures and post or provide as I go. Thanks Tim

I would like information on a brick fireplace and pizza oven combo. I would put the fireplace below the pizza oven but I am not sure of what to use in between so sustain the heat and weight. Any suggestions? Jimmy

The fact that one can customize the oven. Likkewaan

My goal is to put a stone veneer on the oven to match a retaining wall. In case I need to start working on a foundation before the DVD arrives, are there standard dimensions for a concrete slab? I’m looking at building an oven similar to the following except the exterior will be a stone veneer.
Thanks for all your info and I can’t wait for the DVD. Division in VA

* The stone veneer sounds great – email me photos of the oven when done. If the stones for the outside walls had larger dimensions when compared with house bricks, just add the extra measure to the slab, in each side of course. MTo as is on the disk has ground slab dimensions: 90 in x 66 in (4″ thick surface reinforced with mesh, and 1′ x 1′ footing around the edges with one rebar in this footing.) r

Thank you so much Rado. I really appreciate your passion for wood fired ovens and all you are giving. I am looking forward to receiving your CD ROMs. Thank you! Best wishes. Joshua

I like doing gardening/cooking projects every year and while I am not sure where I even got the wild hair to do this, I am very excited about it. Topher

Rado, I promise to send as many pictures as I can! Thanks so much for this, I’m really excited to get my project started. How long do you think it will take me to reach completion? Benjamin

Using your refractory concrete mix to make a dome what do you think of using ( Sodium Silicate (Na2o, Sio2) / Water glass ) in the mix. Regards Trevor – I used to test fire and refire tests of water glass and lime with plaster in the mix with chamotte grog in the past and it worked. It’s commonly used for soaking porous firebrick or shamot brick walls of fireplaces and it’s lasting durable. How do you use it so far, in what application-s? Besides storing eggs in it, Sodium Silicate (Na2o, Sio2, water glass), for up to 6 months; this is done with water glass too. Thanks.

Please include The Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs – looking forward to building an oven – great website. Carolyn

I have 40 years of experience as an engineer in designing industrial furnaces and have placed 100’s of tons of refractory, but I don’t have a clue of how to build a good Pizza oven .. Thanks Mike

I am building a new villa and I like to install a pizza & bred oven on the roof to enjoy by my hand work and the delicious tastes. So please give me some good hints and ideas how to install the oven? Ismail

Please send the Mac version of the disk. I hope i got it all right, ($removed) for you to ship it, (removed) donation for the new and improved disc. So this idea of building my oven has consumed my thoughts for 2 weeks, can’t wait.

My name and address is:

JOEL (removed)

Thanks Rado for letting me dream of my own beautiful wood fire pizza oven. -Joel

I build a brick oven but fire with a rocket stove underneath to eliminate need to heating up by burning wood inside..

Enjoy to cook pizza and bake and liquefied petroleum gas is now very expensive here in the Philippines. Love cooking for my 3 sons and would like to have the oven to do such meals. I have learned about rocket stoves and would like to fire the oven with the rocket stove eliminating need to burn inside the oven chamber. Princess

Very interested in working with this old method of baking and cooking. Al

Just submitted the donation for the CDRom and the a little extra for the site preservation. Thanks, and I look forward to the plans and instructions. We are going to build one this coming spring. Paul

I am anticipating to look at the ways how you build the oven. Actually, I am helping my brother-in-low, who lost his job for long time, to build the wood fired oven and try to start up a small Pizza store in Taiwan. Thanks for your information. Jung

I have a field & pass lot of time there with friends. Philip

I am going to build a fire place along side this pizza oven. I will send you photos once it is complete. Thanks John

Hey Rado, thanks for the great site. I posted my donation earlier today, throw in something nice! Ta Mate. Ray

Mainly the cost and satisfaction of knowing I did it! Mike

If you would please provide alternate materials for building. Will send pictures once my project is completed – Matthew

To get great food, an alternative to the BBQ and the challenge of the build. Murty

How can I cook lamb and end up with great tenderness but not over-cooked? Tony

Hi, Thanks for providing this information! I am very interested in building my own “Wood Oven”. Please include information on – Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs” and the old “trade secret heat insulation”. I will keep you posted on my progress with some pictures if you would like. Allen

My grandfather (a stone mason from Italy) and I will be working on this project together, I’ll send pictures when we’ve finished!¬∑Nicholas

Great Site! One of the best I’ve seen for educating one. Mark

I live in England, I want to build an oven in my back garden, just worry about the winter, because here is very cold and frosty. I worry the oven will crack! Chu

I am a bricklayer/builder and have been asked a few times to make a pizza oven. I hope this cd will help me with ideas. Thanks mate. Kent

My wife is a great cook. Particularly her pizza. I want to make her an outdoor pizza/bread oven. Jim

Hobby and challenge. Most Mots

I’ve always enjoyed the sight, sound, and smell of a campfire and outdoors cooking by using this fabulous energy. What could be better than to prepare a phenomenal meal while enjoying the same? Pizza in under 120″ … bring it on mate! Wish I had only done this with a brick oven sooner. Charlie

We spend summer outside in Spain and cook a lot on BBQ. Having an oven would add a new dimension to outside cooking plus enjoyment, entertainment. PS I do already have the CD. Will

It may be a while before I start this project as I have the whole garden to do before starting on the oven. I will send you some pictures when I have finished. John in England

Has anyone ever tried to do a wood oven that also has a gas hook-up for those emergency pizza nights? Ted

Just sent a 25 dollar donation for your website’d run as help, pretty good work on it I’ve been reading these pages for a couple of years now. I didn’t see anywhere a text box so I could request the “alternative materials” list that you have compiled. I am going down to the Turks and Caicos in January and would like to build a simple oven on this salt key island. I will have to import clay and so am seeking other possible materials that might be found on this Caribbean island. Will keep in touch. Thanks a lot, Tom, Oralia, Ontario, Canada

It is something I want to do! It is something that will be great when I’m done, and last, practical, logical, useful, beautiful. Its initial appeal right away is that this system works much better than electric oven, and it’s also a lot more effective and pleasing. John

Rado, received the cd and just this weekend had enough time to review. All I can say is WOW. Nice clean and sharp photography, which is refreshing, and everything is as you said, step by step. I’m doing my planning now for a spring installation as winter here in Michigan is coming very soon. Thanks again for a fantastic cd showing everything I needed to get started. Might have a few questions later but you’ve likely covered just about everything in your Word docs. Gary

I have found a old incinerator with a wicked front door i would love to use, but have a feeling it will be too big of a opening. Can I send you a pic & dimensions? Sam

Just wanted to let you know my oven building cd’s arrived today. Plans look great and can’t wait to start. Will send you photo’s when I’m done. Thanks for all! Marius

I got an old heavy cast iron door from an old and still complete incinerator. I haven’t assembled the walls as yet so I’m not sure on the exact measurements… I will do that next chance when I have a few extra hands to help as its bloody heavy! lol Construction is still being talked about… my partner thinks it will be too difficult to use just the door … but I’m sure there is a way :) & build it as a normal rectangular shape. I like the rectangular design rather than the round. Or use the complete cast iron walls which came with the incinerator & brick around it to insulate it more. Or could we just use the cast iron walls as is?? I assume that wouldn’t hold the heat for too long & would get too hot to begin with?? Cheers Sam

Hello Rado, thanks for getting back to me :) The opening of the door is 58cm W x 35cm H. The outside diameter measurement is 85cm W x 58cm H. The door opens to slight angle which I’m hoping to modify so it opens completely level.. but I wont look into that until I know if this door isn’t too large for a wood oven with a slab area of 2.2m D x 2m W including bench space hopefully for the oven. Thanx Samantha

I wish to make fresh bread and pizza in my small restaurant and introduce the people of my small town, population 300, to the taste and smells of traditional wood oven cooking. Bec

In the UK we use electric panel heaters. which contain heat bricks and therefore are very heavy. I haven’t been able to find out their construction details especially what is inside them. Do you think the chamber could be built from these heaters bricks that are contained inside? Apparently, people buying new heaters, often don’t want the new bricks as the old ones are heavy to get rid of. Gordon

Our farm here in the US had a brick oven when it was built in 1785. The previous owner removed the oven and now we want to rebuild a new oven in its original location to be able to bake true oven fired breads and foods. Jeff

Do you have information on building codes to be safe in building an oven for winter cooking? Dianna

Bread making as well as the best pizza. Just seems like the right thing to do. Quality, taste. Robert, Jupiter FL.

I like the look of your brick ovens and am hoping to obtain very detailed construction information. Many thanks! Donna

I want to build oven/fireplace combo outdoors and wonder how to combine chimneys for under/over appliance. Ken

Make traditional great tasting breads. Best

How big can you make a oven? I wanted to be able to cook 4 or 5 pizzas at one time. How big do I need? How much space does it take up? Clay and Judy

Rado – Love your website. Can you please send all the different plans and information sets you have (including “The Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs”)? Demetrios

NEED HELP! Landscape student project. By growing more firewood matters get universally cleaner and cheaper for my own pocket. Jon

I’d like to build my oven to to alleviate poverty in our village. Wil

I would be interested in floor width and length and ceiling height. Along with owners comments about their satisfaction with the size of their oven surface and the amount of food they can cook. I am in the process of building a pizza oven for a school of about 20 people and wonder if it is big enough? Chico

Building an oven now, could not finish it before the snow hit this winter so continuing it this spring. Not sure how to even do the roof though I already have the floor and sides done. Its fairly large, 4 feet X 4 feet. Ryan

I’m from Mongolia, in Mongolia no such kind of oven, if I build here this will be the first one and I would like to open pizza shop with wood fired oven. I need help to build the oven. First i need to know which kind and quality bricks are needed, which kind and quality stone is required on the floor. Dodo

Too expensive to buy for one but more importantly satisfaction. Benny

Hi Rado, Congratulations on your website. To say it has become addictive reading is an understatement! I have sent for the building plans on the disks today and will be looking forward to the plans. I am truly a novice so would welcome the opportunity to contact you during the project as it develops. Kind Regards Michael

Wife is tired of buying crappy pizzas.h Have started building a base for oven.Getting your plans. FatBoy

Inspired by your site, currently building a smokehouse + hearth, thinking about incorporating some features of your oven into it. Need help with: Chimney and flue design, vault to door ratio, flue vent size and chimney connection, cladding application, refractory insulation and deco brick arch hints. Hliu

The food taste. Matthew

I have a question – I am planning the building of an oven and saw in a Sunset book an adobe that used a cardboard half barrel to form the dome, you build the bricks around it, and then it burns off in the first fire – I have not seen anyone on the net using this method – do you know if it works? Thanks for your site, it is really helping me and making it possible for me to do this on my own. Cheryl

Thanks Rado, great website, and looking forward to “finally” building my own outdoor oven. John

My wife now has one more project for me to work. The pictures of the Turkeys in the oven are amazing. Plus we spent three years in Italy and fell in love with the wood fired oven Pizzas. Thanks for everything. My plan is to start building over the winter, so I am in no rush yet. Still working on getting a car working again. I look forwards to seeing the next third generation oven in evolution. Edward

My daughter loves pizzas. Ash

Wish more people would share their skills like you. I can’t wait for the first stone-baked bread. Keep safe. Neil

Thicker insulation application for under the hearth slab or extra/thicker layer of insulation anywhere else is beneficial for efficiency, that is logical. IF doing the Thicker insulation application for under the hearth slab, I would like a 3-4 inches thick hearth heat protection there. Do I still need to pour more on it regular mix on it to take it to some 6 1/2′ thick hearth slab? Or is it one or the other. Greg

Really enjoyed the site, this was just the do-it-yourself idea what I was looking for. I am looking forward to building it in my small garden, might be adding a little BBQ on the side and some tiled areas in fronts of both. Cheers Nath

we’ve just discovered your website, and are totally psyched! about building our own w/f oven. Please send us your CDRom please include the alternate materials and sources including photos with our CD. We cannot WAIT to get started! We’ve totally enjoyed looking at all the fantastic ovens on your website, and the stories that go with them. Cheers, Jim and Hedy.

Thanks so much for the Disc, your site is fantastic and looking forward to building my pizza oven and enjoying some tasty pizzas and breads in South Africa, Durban. Andrew

Eat naturally cooked food, especially the bread. Alex

Hey Mate!

Your W-F oven looks great. I thought your finished oven looked clean and functional without a lot of “garish” design – brilliant! Steve

Making my own heart healthy dough, then as a group make pizza, sticks, and rolls with various toppings and fillings, all baked on the hearth. Don

Would this design be also for an inside the home oven or combination fireplace/oven patio design/installation. Need vent and chimney design instructions and the lot. JL

Desire to live outside. Rosie

I love the idea of being able to make wood-fired meals at my own home! Wes

That would be built by me in the U.S. You are doing a great thing by spreading this knowledge, keep it up! These look like a fantastic way to slow down and enjoy living in this fast paced world. Thanks, Tony.

If you send full plans etc. for the original oven design and MTo design please it would be great. Crawford

Wonderful that you make this so freely available to all. Thank you. Linda

I bought your CD a couple of years ago but have managed to lose it in moving house … and now I want to build the oven! Christopher

We got your info from Larry S… in Atlanta, GA. His oven is awesome! Thank you! Dave

Please send me the works. Everything you have and all secret recipes, and alternate building materials, etc. Richard

Where can one get arch bricks? Local fire brick folk only know of the rectangular brick and tell me you need to cut these for arch bricks. I live near Eugene, Oregon. farmer John.

I love pizza and calzones. My wife bakes bread and I know she will enjoy using the pizza oven outside and not heating up her kitchen inside. Zak

Fresh bread aroma and crust, no price tag on quality! Alex

Vintage bikes and post and beam construction. I love a fresh hot bread. Dave

Can fiber glass be used as insulation? I was going to make my dome with refractory cement as per your recipe using granite crush. Setab

I really don’t like conventional ovens they make the house hot, break too easily and is too expensive, reliable in blackouts plus i thought this would be fun. Hope

The taste of real bread and pizza. Pizzaman

For Mark K of Auburn, WA. He thanks you for sending the CD’s, and wanted to make sure you got a donation. He notes: “You are a gentleman and a scholar”. Merry Christmas!

Also may I have the trade secret heat insulation type, and the The Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs on the DVD?!! I need all the extra info and help you can give me so we can build one of these in Kenya where we may not be able to get certain materials. Thank you SO much! Lenita

Hey Mate, after the following (hope I got the dough right). Your basic workshop CD Masterly Tail oven design cd and The Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs. I am wanting to build an igloo/dome type oven. Cheers, Andy.

The impending Zombie apocalypse… Relying more on natural materials and less on propane and traditional ovens which are insulated with fiberglass. Also wood fired food tastes much better :) Thanks for sharing this info, I have a lot to learn. Commune girl

We have a large backyard. We like to entertain and we want to create an outdoor living area. Mr G

I’ve wanted to build a pizza over for some time and your site has convinced me to get off my butt and do it. Cheers, John.

I started my building project about 15 years ago then put it of used base to stand flower pot on. Setab

Cement /concrete for me is a life. You can mould it and form it the way you want it. Johan

I am using the French fire cement it is named Pareklanko can you help me how I use this cement? Spittal

Received the CD ROM yesterday, thanks buddy the plans are brilliant. Will have to make some little adjustments for a UK size blocks that I will use, also like to fit a granite shelf at the front. Nath

Just bought a pub in Whitchurch, Shropshire in UK and one of our workers is an excellent bricklayer & we want to build our own beer garden pizza oven. Dome shape about 2 meters external diameter! Coxey

Living in South Africa – grand kids visiting – great summer evenings – expensive electricity – delicious pizza, bread and other goodies! Di

Traditional woodfired pizza is the best way to enjoy this fine food. Jimmy

I plan to build my oven and a BBQ combo at the side of the house and run the chimney for both into the main house chimney. Will this increase the draw of air too much. Sarg

Pizza. Bourne Slabs

Looking forward to getting the dvd with all the information for my project. Thanks so much for your web site, it’s great! Vince

Hello I’m from Maldives I like to bake breads and pizzas. Some tames I do that. But difficulty for as I use electric ovens. Though I have found your website about the wood fire ovens I feel that I my self can fly jumbo jets using your wood fire ovens. So would you please let me know the price of an information CD how to build an oven my self? Thanking you very much. Afeef

I am a mason and I like doing old school and I want to build right and to last for long time. tomahawk

Other interest: plans to build from scratch. I am handicapped and spend a lot of time watching food network and saw a show with David Rocco on wood fired pizza’s and breads and calzones; it got me thinking about what I can do with my spare time at my cottage. Kathy

Interests: permaculture, vegetable gardening, wild game. Comments: Excess antique brick, craftiness, a Renaissance Heart. Roux

Making wood fired sauna and hot-tub as well. I have already started on a slab and been in the process of gathering materials for some time. I am at the coast in Oregon USA where the wind can be brutal is that a consideration for door placement? Wild Bill and or banana hands. Hi Bill, yes good thinking. Wind can be annoying a lot. Turn the oven backwards towards where the wind’s coming from mostly. Rado

I like how food taste being cooked outdoor without gas or electric. In Phoenix, the winters are nice and I can’t wait to do a whole chicken and suckling. Melvina

My friend and I would like to build our own ovens but with a fire place underneath, he has seen this in Sicily. Novak

Long time bread baker, nearly 40 years. Have a firewood source in my woodlot, and a small home business is all sort of coming together. Mostly though building it is to get the best crusts on my bread. Bruce

Looks easy like a Sunday morning. Wolfy

I like to build things too! Doc

Look to share good food with friends. Fresh baked breads, and also Katrina taught us that we should be more self sufficient and less dependent on electricity. Safe disposal of ashes, and use in garden, or soap making, etc.. Thanks Rado! Vog

I would love to build one of these! I don’t know the first thing about how to start. I think this would be so much fun to have people over for a party! I am scared to get started. Tammy

Building a 30″ by 30″ vault with the arc at 27″ high. Looking for ideal door and flue dimensions. Bob

Hope you’re well. Firstly, thanks for the cd, which is a wealth of information. I’m in the process of building the oven (not the same one but using your principles), and cannot find the details for the chimney height ratios on the cd. Or is it not too important with these ovens how the system functions? … which is most probably the case. Could you point me in the right direction, please? Many thanks, AB Kangaroo Ground, Victoria.

Enjoy the way the food cooked in one tastes. Jack

The boys in the house can cook pizza for me. Bev

For the passion of cooking and sharing with others. Smoking Joe

Good old fashion baking and cooking. Plums

I’ve read your site for years and look forward to building my own oven. Thanks so much for caring enough to share with others. Please send me all material and put the rest towards something on your wish list! Neil

Rado, I am looking forward to receive both of your plans on the disks and any other helpful information about these ovens that you can share with me. I am planning to start this project in the next 15 days or so. I am hoping to be done with this project by Christmas or New Years festive time to cook in it. Thank you for sharing and good luck to you. Ramon

Please send me the plans for both the Swishy and MTo designs for us to choose from. Also include the Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs as well as the trade secret insulation material. Or any other material secrets or sources. We live in Houston, Texas, USA. Thanks for offering your expertise and we are looking forward to begin studying the process of making a woodfire oven. Emily

I’ve had your CD for a year and have finally started building my oven. Finished the hearth slab a few days ago. Thanks for your help and generosity. Lou

I need this kind of oven to make our traditional snack in Ambon called Bagea. Neny

I have my own bakery and would like to introduce to our production also a larger production brick oven, very interested in your Masterly Tail oven design, the MTO, saw it in action in WA and it’s simply fabulous. Sent you email just now. David

Thanks for all the advice will send a photo of the completed project. Yours looks wonderful. James

I will try to build this oven, but I also enjoy watercolor painting. Really appeals to me to have our own oven in the entertainment area-what fun!! Di

I am looking for somebody to build me a wood pizza oven in a van please can you send me the details if it is possible and the price… many thanks. Frederic

We’re planning to build the oven and have traditional wood fired pizzas for my 30th Birthday Party. My party is at the end of October, and we have a friend who is going to help us build the oven the week commencing 3rd October. So if you could send me the CD quickly, it would be greatly appreciated :) We would like to build the oven and test it out a couple of times before the party! K

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  1. Looks like a lot of work

    By mark andrews

  2. Hi Mark,
    Yes takes some time to fit few things in but it’s progressing. r

    By Rado Hand

  3. On the users photos there is some ghost instead :)
    Hi from work…

    By Dada

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