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Pizza Oven from Xenia, Ohio

Hello Rado,

we received your oven plans and built the oven 3 years ago to this date and we have been using it at least once a week ever since its completion (except for the winter, we live in Ohio) and absolutely love it. However sometimes we cook pizzas and other meals in the oven also in winter when we get into that mood being and cooking outside. Don’t get me wrong …

… It has its magic!

As a matter of fact, we’ve baked breads, cooked turkeys and made roasts, roast coffee beans, dried fruits, olives or potatoes, as well as plenty of pizza’s all in our pizza oven. It’s truly wonderful in every aspect.

Pizza oven from Xenia, Ohio. Nice sitting, paved ground and surrounding.

Pizza oven from Xenia, Ohio.

Steve and Theresa

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  1. Thank you for placing up our oven pictures, wonderful idea! If you guys are ever in Ohio, please stop by for some great pizza and beer!

    Warmest regards,
    Steve and Theresa

    added by Rado: I will keep this in mind, your oven gallery page will help me to remember. Perhaps one day we’ll travel through US including to Ohio and a pizza from your oven will be very nice indeed. Good vibes.

    By Our pizza oven in Xenia, Ohio, US.Permalink

  2. Hello to all of ye skillful builders. What a lovely design for an outside oven. I would like to build outside oven as well, would it be possible to get my hands on these plans. Would be grateful, living in Ireland. Yours sincerely Una Maguire

    By Una Maguire — Permalink

  3. Here is link to the page through which I got pizza oven plans to build my oven and now I am looking at interesting surrounds individuals have

    By Stan — Permalink

  4. Had the pleasure of cooking in Steve & Theresa’s oven just after New Years, on a very cold night, much snow on the ground. Wonderful thin crust pizza, crisp, with garlic oil, red onion, ham, mozzarella and romano, and many other things from the back of the refrigerator. Time to start building my own! So many great ideas out there. Thanks for sharing.
    Dave & Jan
    Fayetteville, NC

    By Dave from Fayetteville, NC — Permalink

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