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Spherical brick oven with glass tubes

Hey Rado G’morning.

Yeah I couldn’t believe you were in Brisbane as well! My wife and I were in Tassie for the last week so we must have missed the really hot weather :-) Tasmania isn’t that severe in outside temperature in this time of the year!

The oven is getting a run this Saturday night. I am also going to have a go at hot smoking meats in it too.

Here are few images of my spherical oven. I took a lot of pictures during the construction.

The water in the glass columns is automotive radiator corrosion inhibitor which goes into car cooling system, initially the liquid had green colour but went blue after being affected by sun light. These two tubes produce a great effect especially at night when the light shines through them. I’ll try and attached a moving picture of its special effects or send you a webpage link to look at it. I did visit your web page a few times when planning my oven, to get some inspiration.

My oven images description

  • Applying the final render.
  • The electric cable running up the back of the dome that powers the lights in the water columns.
  • The dome render painted with Iron Sulfate to create a rusted faux style effect look.

Applying thermal insulation and render Layer of iron sulfate on render Electric cable placed over the dome

  • Using the jig. The metal jig I made up to help me cut the pavers with a thin cutting wheel in my 100 mm grinder.
  • The dome nearly finished.
  • The dome finished and the smoke box started.

Metal jig tool for precisely cutting bricks Constructing a brick dome oven Smoke box building - hood or vent box

  • The smoke box attached and seal to the spherical brick dome.
  • Smoke box brickwork was finished and the chimney with other parts were added on.
  • The layer of thermal insulation under chicken wire was placed on and ready for the final render.

The smoke box is attached Smoke box brickwork Thermal insulation is ready for final rendering

‘Who am I? I am a just a guy who like tinkering. I do have a trade in metal work and fabrication, but this is the first time I have built with bricks. My wife is a very talented Textile Artist, so I guess this was my attempt at being creative. There will be the small film recorded from the opening night too.

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  1. I am looking to build my outdoor pizza oven. I am a general contractor who deals a lot in bricks and stucco. I NEED SOME ADVISE on size. Height and depth and width. Also how do you determine the size and width of the flu?

    By Carl Young

  2. Can this oven be used for bread baking production? If yes how long does it take to make it on the backside of my house?

    By Otyan Mckiny

  3. Dude.
    This is the pan-ultimate art oven.
    See what happens when you allow those mad neurons take over and channel your innate need to create?
    Your skills as a metallurgist have allowed you to engage in the magical process of transformation by fire,(meaning building this fire-powered oven) which of course makes you an Alchemist, which is naturally another name for Chef.
    Because that’s what cooking really is- Alchemy.

    Q’s: Does it cook as brilliantly as it looks?
    Where’s the film from opening night?
    Oh- and, do you have other pieces, and photos of them, ovens or other projects?
    Please don’t be shy.
    Many thanks,
    Mk Connor

    By mk connor

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