Maintaining and cleaning traditional wood burning pizza ovens. Care for firing dome, flue and chimney. Cleaning ovens hearth, ash removal.

Pizza oven for breads, roasts and pizza.
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Removing ash and cleaning a wood fired oven dome.

How to remove ash from the dome of a wood oven.

You probably won't believe this.

This tutorial was created for all visitors asking me a question in regards how does the ash inside the dome of wood ovens look like after it was fired. So here goes, more pictures on this subject as well.

What is, how to build and how to use wood fired oven? These are the most common questions a new enthusiast raises thus they all need to be answered :o) If the old adage is true, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, why couldn't I help especially if it is this easy plus a great fun at the same time?

In fact how to remove ash is a good idea to have it here as part No.2 of the tutorial on how to create and keep fires in wood ovens.

Picture shows wood oven dome full of ash but still able to cook in.
Dome in need to empty the ash.


This is how the ash after embers die out looks like.
Wood oven dome before ash cleaning.


Raking the ash into the center of the brick dome floor.
Raking the ash to the center of the dome floor.


Use the peel, paddle, to remove the ash.
Use the paddle to lift the ash and carry it out.


Ash is out from brick oven, put it into the metal bucket.
Slide ash gently into the bucket.


Ash can also be droped into the ash slot if the wood oven has it built.
Using ash drop with a bucket under.


You can also rake the ashes into one side and push the peel into.
Rake the ash to any side in the dome.


The brick oven dome is nearly totaly clean of ash.
I am taking out the remaining ash.


Totaly clean wood burning brick oven dome.
Wood fired oven dome chamber after ash removal.


Wood pizza ovens builder Rado Hand

Temperature gauge in oven
Jamie and Katrina's brick oven with temperature gauge, in Victoria.

Cooking in fireplace is also an art.
My oven with fireplace, cook food and heat water, by Joel in Philippines

Baking sourdough breads in quantity.
Baking sourdough breads in quantity in Canada

Wood oven with meat cold smoker.
Wood oven and meats cold smoker by Reinhard in Clearwater, Florida

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Image of a brick wood burning pizza oven.
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