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angle units conversion

Amount: 1 minute (' , MOA) of angle
Equals: 0.000046 complete rotations (rot) in angle

Converting minute to complete rotations value in the angle units scale.

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angle from minute to complete rotation conversion results

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How many complete rotations are in 1 minute? The answer is: 1 ' , MOA equals 0.000046 rot

0.000046 rot is converted to 1 of what?

The complete rotations unit number 0.000046 rot converts to 1 ' , MOA, one minute. It is the EQUAL angle value of 1 minute but in the complete rotations angle unit alternative.

' , MOA/rot angle conversion result
1 ' , MOA = 0.000046 rot

Conversion chart - minutes to complete rotations

1 minute to complete rotations = 0.000046 rot

2 minutes to complete rotations = 0.000093 rot

3 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00014 rot

4 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00019 rot

5 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00023 rot

6 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00028 rot

7 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00032 rot

8 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00037 rot

9 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00042 rot

10 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00046 rot

11 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00051 rot

12 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00056 rot

13 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00060 rot

14 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00065 rot

15 minutes to complete rotations = 0.00069 rot

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Convert angle of minute (' , MOA) and complete rotations (rot) units in reverse from complete rotations into minutes.


This calculator is based on conversion of two angle units. An angle consists of two rays (as in sides of an angle sharing a common vertex or else called the endpoint.) Some belong to rotation measurements - spherical angles measured by arcs' lengths, pointing from the center, plus the radius. For a whole set of multiple units of angle on one page, try that Multiunit converter tool which has built in all angle unit-variations. Page with individual angle units.

Converter type: angle units

First unit: minute (' , MOA) is used for measuring angle.
Second: complete rotation (rot) is unit of angle.

15 ' , MOA = ? rot

15 ' , MOA = 0.00069 rot

Abbreviation, or prefix, for minute is:
' , MOA
Abbreviation for complete rotation is:

Other applications for this angle calculator ...

With the above mentioned two-units calculating service it provides, this angle converter proved to be useful also as a teaching tool:
1. in practicing minutes and complete rotations ( ' , MOA vs. rot ) measures exchange.
2. for conversion factors between unit pairs.
3. work with angle's values and properties.

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