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How I got my traditional oven

A not too conventional story

Dog Edie Brickell in traditional oven story. Here I am at 50, still in the pink of my condition, beautiful wife, a job that I love, great friends that I don’t have to see too often, gorgeous house in the middle of the woods, a Ford Ranger, with Bruce Springsteen on Sirius radio, healthy kids, great garden and all the elements around it to inspire me to create many other things. But is that it ? Is it a: Life’s over, time for golf moment. The patio door has been installed, the deck has been painted, the floors polished, the dog’s groomed, the freezer’s full, and TV is ON.

There must be something else that will help me go through old age with dignity. Internet could inspire me but the whole surfing thing gets me dizzy, I am too much of an outdoor guy to fickle on a keyboard all day long. Although on my free time what I usually do is find peace and slowly browse through a library spending sometimes whole afternoons just making sure that my choice of book will carry me into some passionate state of mind.

A book on the native north American women brought my attention recently and with great fascination I was amazed on how their role as family leaders were significant. Their cooking techniques is what kept my attention and with that, I started to get interested in the ovens that they used to cook their food. Called Hocho, the Indians- made- rock oven seemed to me the very best way to cook many types of food. So from that in mind I knew that a minimum effort on the internet would lead me to some fine information on how to either get one or hopefully how to build one.

Don’t always look for the top search results, it’s mostly guys who know how to push their stuff and they know how to make happen what they want. We’ll come at your house and we’ll fix it up for you, fire wood for the start included, you won’t have to miss a minute of American Idol. Want to pay now or later.
-No, I think I’ll pass.

More than acquiring such traditional oven I think the pleasure of building one with all the elements that surrounds my house was what made the tick.
Then somewhere around page 242 on the search results, showed up.

And beside being a terrific web site and a super cool dude, (a Czechoslovakian Aussie, it does not get cooler than that, beside my Swedish Jew friend Danny) now only did I see exactly what I wanted, but mostly I saw the future of the Internet. Once the Stock and P..n era is over.

Rado is the man.

Louis Patenaude
“Au Pied De La Patte” (At the foot of Patte)
Getting traditional oven by Louis Patenaude.

PS: In a hurry to get your cd and start building my oven as soon as possible I wrote this little article text, hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Tried not to be too conventional.

Article for plans exchange.


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