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Oven for outdoor area made of logs – incl. cocktails

Wanted to send some pictures of my oven. I glued cedar planks to the block with spacers, let the glue dry, put in backer rod in the gaps and used log home chinking to give it some charm.

At the end of the project I hired a ceramic artist to make a chimney pot out of stoneware clay. She used 50 pounds of clay but during the curing process this pot developed a few cracks and it leaks a little down the chimney when it rains hard. It has the year 2012 in the front which lends it some charm!

Found a roofer that had some leftover slate and hired him to install it otherwise I did all the other work.

Awesome pizza! Made some sourdough bread a few times when I stayed up late (it takes hours to cool down enough). All in all, very worthwhile project!

Wood and stones on blocks

Oven in area made from wooden logs Vertical grain Fir cover

Oh, in the pictures, the oven is outside of the outdoor area made of logs, just on the other side. We sit by the fire and have a few cocktails while waiting for the oven to warm. Take care all!

Mark of Auburn, WA who created all this wood work Made of logs

Pic of soffit is clear vertical grain Fir, (prized in the Pacific Northwest) as well as rafter tails, truss, and top plate.

Western Red Cedar bench Bench is Western Red Cedar that I had cut on my property years ago and is the same wood that I used on the outside of the block on the oven. Just to show the finish. I also made a table with the same planks, they are over 5cm = 2″ thick.

Funny thing is, I had exactly enough planking left to cover the outside of the oven and the long ones, when cut in half, were like 1-1/4″ = 32 mm short but I used them anyhow.

Pro class outcome quality bread Cocktails by the fire

It’s not a piano! It was meant to be, HA. I hope I resized the pics enough, let me know if not. Thank you.

“You are a gentleman and a scholar.”

Mark K of Auburn, WA.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Absolutely one lovely article page. The wood, logs, stones they all fit together and complement each other well. I love the idea of cocktails next to the fire. Do friends or family members enjoy to come for a visit and the cocktails?

    Regarding the clay artwork for the chimney hat/pot – in a shop with an automotive products you can buy a small silicon tube, which is used for engine blocks. It lasts in higher temperatures and it come in clear and black colors, perhaps possibly in white as well. You could fill the groove with the silicon, just an idea. The date is nicely visible:

    Year date on the top of a chimney masonry work.

    Thank you for sending the photos, you took nice shots. It looks a marvelous outdoor area, very pretty indeed! My partner Darina loves it a big time.

    By Rado — Permalink

  2. It’s such a great site!
    Wonder why I didn’t find it before.
    Parts of it are everywhere but yours is an all-in coverage!!!
    We’d like to put the oven under a traditional roof as well (as seen also in Brittany France) so you can work and enjoy it in the rain also (which is pouring for the last 24 hours or so at a rate of 50ltr/m² 13.21 gal/m²).
    We will make good use of your website and discuss it with my neighbor who is the professional village-baker!
    Results, trials, blood sweat will be shown to you uncensored!
    Many thanks for the kick in the right direction!
    Lillian & Albert ;-)

    By Lillian & Albert — Permalink

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