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First lighting for cooking

First lighting for cooking

First lighting for cooking

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  1. Other oven builders-dome shaped-0 suggest making a fire by starting the fire on the left and then moving to the right side for the last stage. What is the correct way to burn in your style oven? Should the fire be in the back and a bit around the sides? Or does it not matter?


    By Bob

  2. Hi Bob,
    It doesn’t matter nearly at all if the fire is built gradually from left to right as it burns, or from the center to both sides and then towards the back. You will adopt your own way and it will happen pretty fast. My preferred way is;

    I start the fire in the middle and when it is going on well, then, by gradually adding more firewood inside-around the fire the burning nicely spreads across the whole surface. This is to create wider bed of red hot embers. It’s these important red hot cinders that actually create the main heating element (fire flames do not heat up much. Flames aren’t a good heating source but the embers are – they radiate the important heat.) It’s simple as that.

    * Then when the oven gets hot enough, e.g. once all inner walls reach 90% through the carbon burn off (changing back from carbon/sooth color to the original firebrick color) I create a space on the floor for cooking => wait 30 minutes and start to make pizzas. At these cooking stages the oven continues to absorb more heat. After pizzas a properly built to retain the heat and well insulated oven will cook or bake for 5+ hours while stable baking temperatures can be maintained easily. Batches of breads or pots can be reload. After the cooking or baking the oven dries for instance quartered apples with pears, or tomatoes for additional 24 to 48 hours!

    ** Build -> the New 3G MTo design – here is a smaller web version. There is a smart stuff in it, it is suitable for heavy use in business and cold climates. It is created completely out of blocks on the outside, but can be built out of bricks as well, or tiled with a mosaic, stuccoed, or faux painting finish can be applied (you decide.) It’s on the website or in a large/full form for download. You will love it. Even though this web version is pretty large (so I think), and complete to build with, the full version (larger by ~4 times + on image count) is available for download. For information and discussion post related questions and suggestions on pages for appropriate building stages. If you haven’t yet, sign for our newsletter, there will be updates for 3g MTo. Subscribe form is on home page on the left under the left links’ menu.
    Web version is here:


    By Rado

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