Digital Hand held Thermometer TC305K and K type thermocouple probe For those interested in using digital thermometer to measure whole range of temperatures in wood fired ovens (and reading above or below the range) here is a very good one to buy. This meter works with the right to use k-type thermocouple probe. Wherever you search for these ask for “Type K Input” thermometer.

I have 2 of them but in thermometer version only, not multimeter, from Temperature Controls pty. ltd. in NSW here is the Digital Handheld Thermometer TC305K details page. They are very reliable guys I reckon they will ship also overseas. The K type thermocouple is in their catalogue among SD Types. You’ll need to use the yellow wire as well as it has the correct resistance in ohms. And even if I measure frequently, say temp reading every 5 mins often so per hours, for years I haven’t had to change the powering 9 Volt battery, just because I don’t leave the meter On for long time.

I am very happy with these digital meters, they are pretty accurate for working with kilns. Also potters use them a lot. One push switches between °F and °C scales. Although I never used them for cooking in wood fired ovens. For cooking I learned to measure temperature on by looking in and sticking my hand inside or when high accuracy is needed I use self standing stainless steel thermometers because they work the best for me and are in fact easiest to use.

Measuring Oven Temperature

BUT if you like you can use these digital thermometers e.g. to measure inner wall temperature, inside the bricks’ mass) or in the floor to estimate how long will a new firing take. Or to calculate how many more hours will the oven stay hot for reloaded baking or warm for fruit drying. However, if you decide to measure with these k-type probes also inside in the chamber volume space, then to get the most accurate reading with the thermometer push the thermocouple tip completely in so it’s poking 6mm or 1/4″ through a side wall into the oven.