Hi everyone;

I really enjoyed looking at the photos of pizza ovens, pizza oven projects, and pizza.

Attached are photos of mine. It is a 42″ inside space diameter pompeii dome built on Forno Bravo plans.

The wall to the right displays a Macigno sandstone frieze that was from a building in Florence, carved about 1500 and brought to the US by Wm Randolph Hearst in 1932.

I have neighborhood parties — pizza is great, have done some bread but it is a lot of work to knead the dough.

Pompeii firebrick pizza oven project.

I keep improving the doughs, the sauce — all made fresh by me. I get better and better supplies each time. I built my own make-table this summer that is an easily-carried box with 13 steel containers sitting on ice. Next time I start working with Caputo “00” Pizzeria Flour.

Tom in Damascus, MD, U.S.A.

Pompeii pizza oven built by Tom. Firing pompeii oven and dome firebricks. Decorations of Pompeii pizza oven. Arched entry on Pompeii pizza oven project.

PS Now that I am sending these pictures to you I am disappointed by not having good party pics or better pictures of pizza and bread. I have fired it 20 times but am so busy during parties that I rarely stop to take photos.