Steve :  Thanks for the site. FWIW people ask about where to get vermiculite or perlite. Hydroponics stores are the best source, they generally have different grades. Bunnings has it too, but smaller bags = less choice and more expensive. Cheers Steve
Sean :  Does your refractory mortar recipe use weight or volume to measure the ingredients? Thanks. added by Rado: Always by volume Sean, it's more practical. It is on the page.
arlen fletcher :  Hi Rado, I can't locate any local sources for vermiculite, but I can get perlite. Can it be used for under the hearth slab insulation? Or do you only recommend vermiculite for that? Thanks!!! added by Rado: G'day Arlen, yes of course you can use Perlite by all means. Under the oven, around sides and on the top. In the same way as with Vermiculite. Both work the same way and the oven will perform equally. For mixing the insulation, etc., read the refractory insulation page towards the bottom of the page content. Email us pictures of your oven, meals.
Vince :  Rado, I did get the plans downloaded fine, and I am starting the build this spring. Firebrick is challenging in my area, but I have a source to order it. Going to be a good year. Thank you. added by Rado: Thanks Vince, looking forward to see your oven building progress images! Yes agreed, 2019 is going, and will go, very well...
Shane :  I am trying to make a half sphere fire pit using a wet mound of sand as a mold. Do you think a mix of 50/50 Fire Clay & Portland Cement would work for this? Maybe add some Sand Mortar? added by Rado: If it's out on the open mix in a plaster instead (adding vinegar into water slows down its setting time.) Plaster absorbs less rain water and it'll face the heat (the hard type, plaster of Paris for instance AND the 'water glass' product which is also called Sodium silicate is marvellous for these things). I would use sand from a river, some coarse stuff. Best if you cast your thing put together from several smaller segments, that avoids hairline cracking on cooling down (a large solid block is more prone to it). Portland is good, already refractory, test first but 50:50 with plaster should work fine.
DuncanM :  This thermometer is beautiful, does anyone know where to buy a similar one? The thermometer photo from the Jamie's oven page on traditionaloven.
DuncanM :  My CD arrived this morning (thursday 28) and it was only posted on 23rd. Which is extremely quick coming from Australia to the UK. Will be starting the build in a couple of weeks Happy building. Can't wait. photos loaded in my ipad and it is all marvellous value thanking you.
NancyO :  Got the CD's. Thanks for the fast service! Can't wait to build one.
Rado :  Kasper, good day Mate. Items came now. Will email you this Thursday when back at home. Thank you.
Max :  Rado, thank you, I received your email and downloaded the files successfully. I understand you are a busy builder, so it's no problem at all. Thank you for making your expertise and knowledge available to all, this is what helps makes the world better. I look forward to diving into the plans. It's people like you that make the world go around.
Martin R :  Thank you for the links. I wonder what's you opinion on using glass or rock for the bottom insulation of the oven? added by Rado: Martin, for thermal insulation under, to prevent the floor from cooling down thus making it efficient, if you are asking about the glass/rock 'wool' fibre pads - the material must not be squashed-down under the weight of the oven. When squashed it completely looses its character -> insulating properties. It's the light-weight materials like Vermiculite, Perlite, fly ash, etc., mixed which structurally hold plus relating to heat insulate real well; such layer (4" - 10cm thick) is cooler and won't let much heat to soak through it downwards therefore the precious heat doesn't escape out. Instead, the heat is kept nicely everywhere inside the oven, and it is obviously retained in the hearth as well, where it traditionally should remain for the cooking and baking. If you wanna use a proper oven. Easy to mix see the refractory insulation's page towards the bottom of the page content.
* Just in case; a layer from common rock or glass fragments would not thermally insulate at all. Both these materials are dense/heavy and absorb heat real well. It would work right in the opposite way, they would conduct further that retained heat from fire, soaking it through, and pass it out fast ... instead of keeping it in the oven. Send us progress photos of your build.
Greg :  Rado.
  Hope all is well. I have successfully downloaded the material from the three links that you sent. with just a quick run through to make sure all were downloaded. All I can say is absolutely incredible not just the work put into the making of the ovens, but the work put into step by step is just as impressive, that and with the willingness to share your knowledge is a rarity among men.
Thanks Greg B
All Home Maintenance. added by Rado: Thank you very much for your nice words Greg
Bruce :  Loved the information that you have shared. I work off an iPad and can not get good internet service from my house. How can I get more information on getting your downloads? added by Rado: Bruce, it's handy to have all files on a tablet for the outdoors, or on a phone to view them on a small screen as well (you can also zoom in for close up details). Save them on your device and that's all. This is that page to get the plans. Enjoy, and thanks!
James M :  Hi Rado, I bought your plans back in 2004 and we love it but cannot put our hands on the plans and my friend wants to build one also. So I am donating again but would like to just download the files and NOT have a CD sent WE LOVE OUR PIZZA OVEN and so does everyone else!!!!
Tex :  For me it will be a hobby and a SHTF standby cooking center. I am expecting to have lots of friends around the fire pit while I cook in my oven and hoist a cold brew. added by Rado: well put Mate!
TIM :  Any reason the oven needs to be as tall as shown in your design? I'm building mine in an elevated section of the yard that is 2 feet off the ground. Can I chop off the bottom 2 feet?
added by Rado: Tim, of course you can build it lower by 2 ft etc.. Have a look into the Original MTo design folder, there is the sub-folder of the low set oven siting on the ground, it's also on split level ground, it'll give you the idea.
Rado :  Daniel S (Canada - email sent to you returns back, please contact us).
Tex :  This is my second oven. I moved away from my first one and can't live without my WFO!! I would be happy with a link in email. A million thanks, Rado!
Chris :  Hi Rado, I contacted you a few years ago and yuo sent me the plans and CD. with no experience I built a fantastic oven that I love using and my family lave having it too. I cannot thank you enough.
added by Rado: G'day Chris! Thank you for letting us know Mate! If you'd like it, email your oven, meals, fires etc. photographs to me to pizzapaddle at gmail com and I'll create a new gallery page for your oven (many people will view it daily so some accompanying written text for the page will be handy; ei. what's cooking or baking or roasting and what do friends and family have to say about the new entertaining does well.)
Tom Phiel :  I received my CD in Aug of 2011. Any updates available since then? Regards ,Tom
added by Rado: Good day Tom, yes the newest 3g MTo design was added with all addressed in e.g. for heavy duty PRO use, best refractory and non-refractory features.
Steven N :  Hi Rado, thanks for downloads! Some great detail in there. Will send pics when finished. Cheers mate Smile icon added by Rado: Hi Steven, YES. Looking forward to your oven and meals images. Now is the right time to own the oven for sure. Cheers
Joe :  Hi Rado, I have been enjoying your website for several years now and I am looking forward to building an oven in my back yard however, is it possible to make the interior larger? added by Rado: Joe, I have replied and elaborated on this in a bit longer comment downwards this page.
David :  Hi Rado, I am looking for a professional wood burning oven with steam injection, can you assist.. Thanks David. added by Rado: Hi David. A brick oven? The most practical and logical and easy approach is, for baking at the beginning right after loading fresh dough inside, close the door and with a ~1 gallon nozzle-sprayer bottle, spray a clean spring-water into the oven through a small hole situated in the wooden door. 3 mists work like a charm. These sorts of pressurized hand sprayers introduce the steam inside the oven real well to have better breads. Set the nozzle to finest spray quality and there you go.
David R. :  Rado fantastic details in the downloads just got them thank you very much. Will be in touch. Will post new pictures soon. (added by Rado: Welcome David, thanks!)
Rado :  Just got back from South America, through LA, where I was for 16 days all up. Need 1 to 2 days to catch up with all things plus normalize the time difference. Throughout this time the download links for oven building plans continued to be sent out to people normally as per usual.
Jon :  Almost done! Just finishing the brick and working on the chimney. I'll send you photos when complete. (added by Rado : Hi Jon, thanks, cannot wait to see your oven and some meals photos too.)
Jon :  Started my oven last week. Just poured the Hearth slab and doing the firebrick tonight. Never laid a brick in my life before but I've been having a great time.
Drew :  Rado, I should say "Master Rado", received the DVD. I'm amazed at the amount and quality of the information. Thanks (added by Rado - Thank you very much Drew. Enjoy it as a relaxation! No need to hurry with the building, it's a worthy project for the future.)
Rado :  William V. L. please drop me a line. Emails I send you return back undelivered. Sorry. Pls double check your email address before sending, thanks!
Sophia :  Here where we live ENGLAND, SLOUGH the power are so insufficient and expensive, to survive we need to take care of our own business and to have such an oven will help make more business.
Ralph :  Magic completed. Added gas option. Sent you pics. It cooks fabulous food & bakes.
Doug in MN :  put up my first course of dome brick today .... pulse is quickening ....
added by Rado : Hi Doug, what makes you pulse go quicker? - An anxiousness to get cooking? ;-)
Doug M :  Started the build, also combined with BBQ pit and whole hog smoker.If your back is going to hurt, make it really hurt.
Ritchie :  Hi Rado is the new Masterly Tail oven available to view yet, I got your CD last week Thanks. (added by Rado: Hi Ritchie, yes it is already fain for building, the link was released in last newsletter. If you haven't register for mailing list it will be in there again, no worries Mate.)
malcolm :  Bloody good Mite Ima gonna make one ofa dese ina Laos, if ima can find the fire bricks. Scuza my best ozitalian Iam a pizza lover and have never used a wood fired but will certainly try now. Great rec
Bret :  Rado, Thank you so much for your link, we will be in touch soon for more consulting help! You are a good friend!
Doug M :  Got the DVD a while ago still looking it over but build begins soon.
Geoff :  Received your disc super quick here in the UK, many thanks.
Kerry :  Hi Rado, I just received the disk today. Thanks for the super quick turn around. KB
Armand :  Hello Rado. I got the disk. I'm excited to start this project. as I told you before I'm making an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. thank you. Armand added by Rado: Cannot wait to see it in cooking or baking action Mate!
Eric Sousa :  Hey Rado got the CD in the mail yesterday 1-4-12 excellent. Can't wait till winter is over to get started.
David L :  Hi Rado, thanks for sending me the disk, I received it on Tuesday. I have had a look at it and it is great. Now I can get on with the job. Thanks once again, David.
A & A :  Thanks for your email and to let you know that we have received your dvd. Thanks for all the effort you have put into it. We can see you have a passion for what you do. The dvd is fantastic.
Greg B. :  Rado, I think it's just the weather in Texas right now. It's been really nice.
Gino :  Rado you legend! I have seen your oven design - a mate built one and now its my turn! I havent decided yet if I want to build a little larger MTO etc.. anyway - thank you so much! You are doing GREAT work.
bkf sam :  Rado, my friend you are a genius! Finally able to enjoy all avenues of the disc thanks alot will be in touch down the road. As for now this tired old carpenter must rest his weary bones. Later Rad (added by Rado: Thanks Mate, sometimes my bones feel like that too ;-) Thank you everyone for your nice words!
Digger :  cheers Rado. Looking forward to starting on building. Cool message.
tomcro :  Rado Thanks for the CD have made a start. Do you think hebel brick is o.k. for under firebrick base as insulation? added by Rado: definitely yes, ~10cm - 4" or a thicker layer. Hebel is a great material in so many aspects (where do you get Hebel blocks here in Qld. and how much???) However, as the insulation in there, I would place it rather under the dense floor slab on which firebricks sit, as per original, if the floor is to also absorb and retain more of the heat. Simply placed on without a mortar will do fine e.g. like with light-weight insulation-firebricks type. If free uneven left over pieces were used, the top slab will be easy to cast on top. My mum's house was built from Hebel blocks. I must write a page on this because it's becoming more and more in spotlight or common.
Tim D :  Rado!! I got the CD in the mail on Monday! Thanks so much man, it rocks. Hopefully my wife lets me get out of the house to get started on it. I will send photos when I get it finished! Cheers, Tim
Pam :  I have wanted one for 30 years and never knew how to make them.. it didn't seem like clay would do it over the long haul and concrete was not inspiring.. can't afford to buy one, therefore, I will build perhaps a much better oven THANK you for this website! added by Rado: thank you for your nice words about my work Pam. Where are you located? Sounds like 'the plan'. All the best.
Mel & Richard - Day to Day :  Thanks very much for the DVD Rado. We've started building & can't wait for it to be finished!
Hillery :  Just beginning the project today... a friend of mine and I will help build eachother's. Wish us luck. (added by Rado: All the best Hillery. Email me about how you progress.)
Paul_A :  Got my building CD a couple of days ago, thanks for the VERY fast response, surprised how swiftly it arrived here in Canada. (added by Rado. You are very welcome Paul.)
Jan :  Thanks Rado. I am really looking forward to get the CD's. I am so glad there are people like you. Like to get email to Anders from Denmark. Could you please send it? Happy summer...winter I guess. Jan
Kim :  Sweet Stuff. Can't wait to build my own!
NancyO :  Got the CD's. Thanks for the great, fast service! Can't wait to build one.
John :  I had a pizza oven when I was stationed in sicily, and have been craving the food from one for the past 25 years. So as I am handy I want to build one thanks
Anders :  Hi, just saw an oven based on your design close to me here in DK. Nice !! I have send you some money via Paypal but could not coment that way. I'm really looking forward to the CDs :-) All the best, A. added by Rado: thanks Anders, same to you and to all yours. I just emailed you, your pack is on the way to Denmark.
Rado : Happy long weekend every one. If you like, click my name for photo of 2 rabbits.
Keith W :  Almost finished my Masterly Tail oven, first small firing last Sunday. Hope to use it for the first meal this weekend. Added by Rado: Gr8 pics! Thank you Keith. Will comment more on your oven & meals page when you save/publish it for yourself (* this applies to all other enthusiast cooks & bakers, builders, various other types of hobbyists, etc. interesting articles with pictures you may write and publish in TO blog now.)
Adam S :  Hi Rado, received the plans and I am very impressed with your Masterly Tail oven on the disc. Anyone would be proud to own a similar oven. Thanks again for all you do! I gathered all the material and looking for some nice old looking roof tiles now.
Jim :  Hey Rado, I got your CD today - Wow - Wanted to let you know and thank you again for putting all of this information out there for us - Will let you know how it all turns out.
Joseph :  I always wanted old country cooking - you CD inspired me to build the oven. I am putting the concrete cladding on right now and hope to finish by the end of month. Thank you Rado for your superb instructions an
Jon B :  Can't find fireclay. I have HeatStop 50, sand and possibly art-class style clay. Can I make something to lay the firebrick base on? Thanks! (added by Rado; Hi Jon, is the art class clay for pottery firing? (Don't use it if it's the play clay used only in sculpture classes.) Pottery or refractory shops sell proper coarse fireclay, costs little, you will only need 1 small bag for the whole job with leftover, and less than half a bucket for the sand/clay bed. Or find your own clay in the nature, read all about fireclay.
Dave B :  Got the CD Friday, Slabs finished Sunday! (added by Rado: Dave, would you build for other people?)
Cheeko :  Rado, do you think pea gravel would be a good filler for over the firebox and between the face and dome?? (added by Rado: Oh no, it wouldn't do what you want; pea gravel (from river) is heavy/dense it would absorb and conduct heat fast all around, just like the firebrick hot face and the whole dense part. For insulation in there use light-weight heat resistant stuff instead, if not Vermiculite, Perlite, blankets etc., fly ash in loose form filled in will do the same insul job in this temp range and over. However pea gravel will make a very nice ground deco around the oven, loose spread, or do you know how to mix/make own exposed aggregate!?)
Recession? :  No way! What gets me through it much better than collecting stamps? During recessions the importance of intelligent pursuit counts. So... I will replace the old computer a bit later and rather do something my neighbours can see! :) Now is the time to invest into building my brick oven. Larry (added by Rado: good carriage, I hear the little voice in my head as well :) . Yep, do what it tells you regardless what can be seen on TV today. Remember the Y2K bug?)
Geo : Miss the traditional food made with wood fire. Brick ovens and stoves are slowly dissapearing with progress although we should not rely so much on progress. Efficient ovens and stoves consume little wood with very good results.
Rado :  Redcross link to the 2009 Victorian bushfire FUND to assist individuals and communities affected by the devastating bushfires in Victoria.
John L : Very informative cd's, great website, lots of ideas - thank you! Now if I could only start building my oven right now, must wait till winter ends but still I am starting by making the wooden arch templates and to gather up all material.
Dada : Happy Valentine's Day to all pizza, roast + bread lovers. I hope it's romantic, enjoy cooking together!
Rado :  Happy New Year 2009 (calendar) to all proper pizza, bread, roast lovers. It doesn't matter what suburb you live in, or how big is your house, it matters though whether you have wood fired brick oven and, how much food you cook in it for your family or, already how many people you've managed to feed till now! Oven builder's message.
Bob Brewer : Merry Christmas to all and to all great pizzas. Happy New Year
Deb : great site-lots of useful & important info, thanks for the sharing!
Carmen : Rado, my oven is finished and it looks great! We're cooking in Chicago. Should I send pictures to your gmail address? (added by Rado: Hi Carmen, yes pls send to , larger photos and a text for your gallery page; what's cooking, what do family members, friends, have to say about new meals, atmosphere, etc..)
James F : Pix of my outdoor kitchen progress
Gary/CT USA :  Recieved CD today, Thank You very much. Will keep you posted with progress.
Matthew WA :  I've just emailed you a few pictures of the finished build the oven looks gr8. Cooked 14 absolutely fantastic pizzas with neighbours last weekend (dough from a-z pizza page), took day off from work today and I am roasting chicken / beef cannot get any better!
greg odonnell : thanks for the disk have started to build my dream oven two weeks ago cant wait it will be a fun project
Peter.C : Thanks rado great ifo mate cheers peter (added by R: Thanks Peter, all the best.)
Simon : Great site. Have a look at my guide.
Peter : Received my cd's and went through it all at home last weekend. We are going with the MTO. I'm incredibly grateful that u have put together such a fantastic workshop! Very useful. Thank
Kenneth G Kaiser : I am looking for a contractor to build my brick oven. I live in the Chicagoland area. Please contact me via my email address
martin prior : 
If you go to video page and select 3rd video down. That's our Rado oven
darkbeers : Anyone around Buford, Georgia USA who wants to see upclose an oven built with Rado's plans give a shout on the website and we can coordinate appropriately.
Tim H : Thanks Rado, I can't wait to get started. Tim
ivan pertovt : what a wonderful time we have had with our oven we made from your cd we are impresed thank you
Admin : click : We are saddened by the loss of life in Myanmar - Burma resulting from the recent cyclone. Link here is to join the recovery efforts, or to explore ways helping survivors of the cyclone.
Calvin : We received your CD thanks look forward to building it can't wait to use it cheers Calvin
Lynne Mason : Thank you for the great information on building these ovens. We are a custom green builder and will be building an oven in the courtyard area of our model home in Saint Augustine, FL
Rado : Thank you every one for your nice words, much appreciated. HAPPY weekend to every Mum!
Aaron D : Received the CDs yesterday. Thanks Rado, excellent photos and instructions. This will be a fun project!
JC in Va : Received the CDs thanks I will have to wait for warmer weather to get start but I am clearing out the site. Thanks again
Bob Brewer : Happy New Year to All! Wishing You the Best for 2008! Rado< Thanks for CDs and great website. I had received my CD last winter and designe an outdoor kitchen to go with it what a job- labor of love. I should have done just the oven but it will be great.
Manu : Done with Oven. Must be first Rado Oven in the Philippines. Temp on probe in the ceiling of oven is 400 Celsius. Haven't put in anything to cook yet. (added by rado: I know it was a test firing. Could put chicken with few potatoes in and close the Oven, it would cook - 2 tests in one go :-) Thanks for note, email pictures about what's cooking.)
Rado : Merry Christmas and we wish you a happy and safe holiday season and a fantastic New Year 2008 all 525 960 minutes of it!
Alex : Thank you for such quick shipment. Will be in touch soon.
Laura : I think the interent is great
Graham Kerr : Patrick K (ACT) let me know your e-mail address and I can show you the oven we have just built in Bruce
raz : G'day Rado, got the cd today. Can't wait to look through. Thanks for the speedy delivery and let's hope i can upload some photos for you one of these days.
ktmike@charte : 9 1/4 to 17 or 10 1/4 to 17 inches which would be better for ratio door to vault hight ??? thanks mike (added: 9 1/4 with rectangular entry, 10 1/4 if arched entry, but either arched will work well with dry kindling for starting fire.
Craig Lubbe : Hi Rado! Just to let you know that I received the CD you promised. Thank you very much! I am bust with my varsity exams currently, so once I'm on holiday I'll get started. The CD looks great! (added by Rado; thanks Craig send a photo when cooking)
Garnet : Thanks for the CD's Rado, I'm sure I will have fun having a go at building one of your designs.
Jade : I am using this website for my food technology lessons because we have to choose a country theme to base our food on. I have chosen Italy so I needed to make Pizza Whirls. Mainly I needed to find out
Steve aka G-M : G'Day Rado, The oven is finally done and I sent you the finished pictures for your web site,wish I could send you some home made wine as well......
Matthew (E) : gr8 cd's Rado thanks masterly is so perfect will send pics as i go. just made wooden templates now getting all firebricks from claypave. cheers mate
DamianG : Hi Rado - Please help. I cant find the new forum. Is it still around. This was a fantastic resource. I have a fwe questions that I know were already answered on there. Thanks, Damian (added: Damian, click your name, it'll be public again later when I can administer it as I did before.)
J Austen : Rado, got your cd last week. Finished pouring our first slab on Sunday. Came out great! A note for all though, mixing almost a yard of concrete by hand is a very bad idea ;-)
yvette : hollander in hobart have refractory for any tassie people looking to purchase - otherwise it is not available anywhere
bron : awsome site thanx for the help
Rado : *** Andrew D (Au.) I need your postal addresses, it wasn't included, please send to: Emails I send to you return back. Thank you for now.
Greg Peters : Fantastic Site. !
nigel : Dome is going on this weekend! Great plans make progress easy. I've put the MTO vault into the Swishy design - "Swishy Tail Oven". Thanks Rado
ferg McG : Thanks Rado ... got the CD ... going to be bulding my second oven soon ... i am gonna make a DVD about the making of this one too ! ( Yes, there is a DVD about the making of the first one... hehe.)
Frank : Thanks Rado, the CD arrived. It is really great and packed with detail. Very interesting. I write soon again. Frank - Germany
Chris F : Hi Rado. Great cd's. You have really put some effort into it. I can't wait to start building.
Simon W : Rado. CD recieved just had a quick look and that MTo is a work of art. Cheers from England.
Al : Got my cd today! thanks! will send pics when finished
Rado : Thank you guys for your nice words, much appreciated !
Dean W (NH) : Rado, Got your DVD yesterday only took 5 days wow, looks great can't wait for the snow to go away
Stan Canada : Rado: Recieved your master CD everything is great, Thanks
Alan Lesak : Got the CD.great stuff
Rado : Happy long weekend every one. If you like, click my name for photo of 2 rabbits.
Ross D : received CD's excellent detail. Thanks
Al Lesak : Great site,Rado !!
Michael H : Thanks Rado got the thermometers today.
Kevin : Your work is excellent fantastic cds Rado. Will email photos early spring thanks man all the best to ya.
Rado : Happy Valentine's Day to all pizza lovers. I hope it's romantic for you, enjoy cooking together!
Michael H : Got the CD thanks Rado
Josie A : Hi Rado. Just to let you know we got the discs today. WOW! What great work!!! Thanks so much. Will send pictures.
ayberk : Hi Rado, I've just received the CDRom and I just can't wait to start building my first oven at my yard. Thanx a lot!
lsetters : Hey Rado, received the CD's yesterday. Very good job mate, can't wait to get started...
Agustin : Browsing in the internet, I saw your site and this inspired me to do my own brick oven, which I'm almost finished with. In thanksgiving, I cooked my first turkey for my family, and also I did my first pizza in wood fired oven. (added by Rado: thank you for your nice words Agustin!)
Anis : Rado, thanks so much. Got the cds. Will study it carefully since I don't have experience in this. Will build one soon. Thanks so much!
Jim : I am looking for an experienced oven builder around Hartford, CT. USA to build a simple pizza oven in my backyard. Please email me at Thank you very much.
Kat and Moori : Hi Rado, we got your MTo cd yesterday - it's great, thanks! Just need to work out how much to put under the verandah and how to fit in the chimney - it's all good!!
Eddie D : got the CD, cant wait to start building, ill keep in touch. ciao
Matthew (TX) : Received cd's today your work is great!!! Will post pictures of our oven. Thank you Matt

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