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Amount of Sodium, Na in CARL BUDDIG, Cooked Corned Beef, Chopped, Pressed

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There is mg amount of Sodium, Na in amount of CARL BUDDIG, Cooked Corned Beef, Chopped, Pressed

Sodium is very important major mineral and it is one of the main electrolytes vital for maintaining fluid balance within the body.

Salt for human consumption is not pure sodium. Pure salt or salt products just contain a percentage of sodium. A quality natural salt will include varieties of other beneficial trace minerals, one of which can be the element iodine - I (if it is a sea salt), that are important for keeping a healthy body.

Determine, under different quantities, how much of Sodium, Na nutrient can be found in CARL BUDDIG, Cooked Corned Beef, Chopped, Pressed. Calculate and convert the amounts.

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