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Amount of Zinc, Zn in Melon, banana (Navajo)

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There is mg amount of Zinc, Zn in amount of Melon, banana (Navajo)

Zinc, chemical symbol Zn, is an essential nutrient for the growth, it is an important trace element needed by our body for many different reactions.

Zinc plays crucial role in growth and development, immune system function, hormone production and many other functions in our body through supporting the protein function. Zinc is found almost in every cell of our body and high concentrations are found in the eyes, skin, adrenal glands, bones, muscles, brain, kidneys and liver, therefore zinc deficiency has negative effect on all of these organs, pretty much it effects our whole body.

The most visible signs of Zinc deficiency are in the form of skin rashes, blemishes, stretch marks and wounds that just will not heal. As Zinc plays an important role in perception of taste, inability to taste and smell are also linked to Zinc deficiency. Dietary sources of Zinc include protein containing foods such as red meat, oysters and lamb, egg yolks, red capsicum, pumpkin seeds, yeast and whole grains.

Determine, under different quantities, how much of Zinc, Zn nutrient can be found in Melon, banana (Navajo). Calculate and convert the amounts.

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