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Amount of Manganese, Mn in Lambsquarters, steamed (Northern Plains Indians)

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There is mg amount of Manganese, Mn in amount of Lambsquarters, steamed (Northern Plains Indians)

Manganese is an essential trace mineral indispensable for bone formation and bone health in general.

The highest amount of the manganese in the body is found in the bones, but distribution of manganese is throughout the whole body and decent amounts are found in the liver, kidneys, liver, thyroid gland and pancreas. Manganese is vital as a co-factor in enzymes that facilitate metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It activates the body antioxidant enzyme, important in preventing free radical damage. Dietary deficiencies are relatively rare as manganese is widespread in variety of plant foods. Most common symptoms of manganese deficiency is cartilage and connective tissue disorders, so each time you hear your squeaky knees think of manganese, if it comes to the nutrition aspect.

There is an evidence that suggest that even though meat is not high in manganese it enhances the its bio-availability if it is consumed together with the vegetables. Nuts are high in manganese but also contain substance called phytic acid (it is a saturated cyclic acid), which can inhibit absorption of manganese, so if you are consuming large amounts of these, it is best to soak them as soaking will disable phytates. Besides nuts and seeds the significant source of manganese are avocados, broccoli, leafy vegetables, carrots, legumes and whole grains as well.

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