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Amount of Tyrosine, Tyr or Y in Fish, whitefish, eggs (Alaska Native)

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There is g amount of Tyrosine, Tyr or Y in amount of Fish, whitefish, eggs (Alaska Native)

Tyrosine belongs among conditionally essential amino acids, which means that it can be synthesised in our body or obtained through the diet.

Main role of Tyrosine is in hormone and neurotransmitter production. It plays an important role in thyroid hormone production, which makes it important in regulating body temperature, oxygen use and metabolic rate. Tyrosine is also considered to be an anti-oxidant due to its ability to bind free radicals that can cause damage to the cells. There are several signs and symptoms, which can indicate Tyrosine deficiency, including depression, hypothyroidism, low blood pressure, restless legs syndrome, low body temperature, luck of concentration and poor memory. The best dietary sources include, almonds, avocado chicken, fish, egg, dairy products, bananas, pumpkin and sesame seeds, fermented foods, oats and beans.

Determine, under different quantities, how much of Tyrosine, Tyr or Y nutrient can be found in Fish, whitefish, eggs (Alaska Native). Calculate and convert the amounts.

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